Monday, 17 November 2014

Felt Keyrings go to a new home!

 To continue my website interest I sent these colourful key rings off to a new owner at the weekend.
They will have a specific job to do which will be to look after two sets of keys for two holiday cottages so that the sets can to told apart from each other.
I made the green one to order as I had in fact sold the original just before the website order and due to its new job I made the keyring a little larger at the same time.
I have put aside two more that I have made  and will list these this week but I can make these to order very easily.   You could even email a design and I will do my bet to copy it for you. I also have three bags, two of which are what I call "sample bags" which are to test out an idea or pattern so they will be sold at a lowwer rate to reflect that.  They are one-offs and nothing wrong with them, however, they may not have stiffening or lots of think interfacing so that are more of a soft bag but ideal for travelling and they iron easily if yo want to.

I have nearly finished a Christmas swap, just trying to get some fur!  Then I have another commission request to follow up.
I love this, making items for others to enjoy.  I have even managed to make to Christmas presents this year already.  I said that I as hoping to find some work-life balance this academic year and I think I ma gradually getting there.
It is not affecting my job as I have have just flown through my performance management review as well!
Have a good week.


dottycookie said...

Very pretty keyrings and I love the idea of different colours for different sets of keys!

Thank you for coming to say hello to me - I'm trying to get back into blogging. We'll see how long I manage it!

Joanne Wilson said...

Cute little key-rings, I am very much hoping to post your parcel Wednesday morning, I shall send you an email when I do.

Indigo Blue said...

I had an email today saying that they had arrived safely and the they are "just perfect" for their new job.
Really pleased about that.

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