Thursday, 13 November 2014

Emerald Bag - Website sale

I have not really plugged my website here on my blog as I do not see my blog in that way but I am so pleased that over the past four months things have slowly started to pick up that I am going to pass on some of this news here as it links with the making and craft which is at the heart of this blog.
This  lovely little bag, which I really enjoyed making,  started with the brooch in the middle.  I do not really wear much green but I  liked the brooch too much to keep it in a box.  It was a present so not second hand but it certainly wanted a new home.  I spent ages trying to find what I felt was the right fabric and then the navy blue lining.  All lovely thick cotton fabric and special plastic to maintain the shape of the base.
There are inside pockets, a "D" ring for your to clip on your keys and I even made a handmade zippered purse to go with it.  
There is also a magnetic fastening which is pretty strong.
So this cute little bag now has a happy new home in Yorkshire to a lovely Blog friend who was in fact one of the first to leave a comment when I started my blog in 2007 so I was delighted to see her name on the order. In fact this is the second purchase from this lady.
So thank you very much and I hope you enjoy using it or giving it as a present.
I do in fact have three bags upstairs waiting to be added to the website and there are several there that would make ideal Christmas presents.  I generally only make one of each fabric combination unless a custom order is asked for, maybe for a bag that has already been sold. 
However, I rarely have enough of the same fabric to make more than one bag but there is no harm in asking just in case.
As I said earlier, I have been busy since August and now that they have arrived at their new homes and I have a gap in my work for the day job I shall get around to showing them here.
Guess what?  I have just had a text through  with another order enquiry, honestly what is going on?  Take care all


Algodão Tão Doce said...

Amei conhecer o seu blog, já fiquei por aqui!!!Achei maravilhoso!!!
Siga-me e pegue o meu selinho!!!


Beijos Marie.

Nan said...

Hello old friend, just stopping by to see what crafting goodness you have been up to. You have been busy. I do miss the blogging days about my crafts but some people stole the joy out of it for me and I can't seem to find it again, so I will sit back and enjoy yours. :)

Jill Eudaly said...

I will have to check out your website. Happy day, orders are coming in!

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