Wednesday, 22 October 2014

New A5 Malden Dividers

A slight change in tack for this post.
As many of you know I have an A5 Filofax for my work planner etc and I decided that I might need to some new dividers.  To replace existing ones but to also add a few new areas to my planner.  However I thought I would work with it for a bit first but then last weekend I found half an hour to actually do something about it.
I try not to over stuff it but no sooner have I thinned it out that someone gives me something else to put in it.
This is where it was last Saturday.  Do you like the blue loom band bookmark topper that Sophie made me?
I wanted to keep my Dashboard which is scrapbook paper which I laminated.
I have been using Martha Stewart replaceable tabs but a year on I thought something more sturdy might be in order.
Firstly I found some lovely paper in a cheap stationary shop in Seaford  and I also wanted to make a new Day marker.  Some fun post-its from Paperchase was perfect. with Owls on them looked very book mark like  and just the right sixe.  I love post-it notes and by laminating them they venture in to a whole new range of uses.    So I cut and laminated them.  I added some paper washi tape along one side of the dividers to jazz them up a bit nd to strengthen where the holes would be punched.
Punched holes in all of the dividers.
The cute little owls just peep above the pages.  I later added a hole and Sophie's Loom flower as well.
This time I typed the headings and added them before laminating, to make then stronger.  I also made the dividers a little wider.
The new dividers are more permanent but I have used the same sections for nearly a year so I doubt too much will change.  Did I mention that the new pages have a little sparkle to them?
Sophie was impressed by that bit.
I have also been using Martha Stewart replaceable tear drops to make temporary changes to work schedules and other time plans by putting them in a plastic pocket and popping the tear drop on the front.  I have also been using them in my planner for repeat activities by moving them through the planner as i go.  Found that to be very time saving.
So I have had my Malden for about 18 months and used it daily and I love it.  It cost quite a bit of money but I love the colour, the size everything.  So I think I will be selling my Pink Finsbury rather than having it sitting in its box doing nothing.  The leather is starting to have that used look about it and I like that.  It is maturing..........just like me!  I have also had many lovely comments about it too.
It is the perfect size for reducing A4 paperwork down to A5 and you can still read it and it has cut down on the number of A4 ring binder folders that I used to use.
So, these are my start of the school year changes and I shall see how it goes.  If yo have never looked at the Martha Stewart range then do. in the UK I have found quite a good selection at Staples.
Take care and I shall see you later in the week.


Ali said...

I love how you organise everything. Another blogger was disussing using a journal for everything. Which I'm seriously considering. I have 3 diaries at the moment but looking at how you arrange yours, everything in one place would be easier. Hope your enjoying the new school year. Can't believe we are heading towards the end of October already.
Ali xx

Indigo Blue said...

I have been using these new additions for a week and it is working really well.

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