Tuesday, 19 August 2014

Ouch Revisited -All sorted now.

Well, sleep was a bit erratic on Sunday night, I knew what the Doctors were going to do but still your mind can over ride all common sense sometimes.  Sophie had already gone to Grandparents Sunday afternoon as dragging her along did not seem good.  Sophie ended up in Hobby craft so a much better way to spend the day really.
So hubby and  I set off at 8.15am  on Monday to Hayle and arrived in plenty of time.  Got signed in, blood pressure etc changed into gown and then waited a bit.  I had to change consultants which I was ok with and as it turned out helped me.  Rather than doing a bone graft from my wrist to my finger she proposed a special medical form of ploy filler to fill in the missing bone that the removed cyst would leave behind.  So it would be faster and only one operation ,not two.  So I did not hesitate to say yes.

I was told I was down for a general anaesthetic which was news to me as I had a bit of trouble with that when I had my appendix removed so after some thought it was proposed a block in my shoulder would be an alternative.  This is basically like an epidural but in my arm.  I have several holes and bruises where the needles went in and I saw everything on a screen which looked liked a maternity ultra sound.  Gradually each finger went tingly and numb.  It was fascinating to watch and made it much less "scary".  By being involved like that it gives you the sense of having some control. A slight sedative helped too.

Once numb, and it takes some time, it is the weirdest thing ever!.  If you have seen the Harry Potter film where his arm bone is accidentally removed at a Quidittch match, it had the look and consistency of that but not quite so bendy.  It was close to being very comical.  I had to hold it as it was prone to sliding off the bed/trolley I was on and someone had to get it as I could not reach it.   I had not control over it at all.  As I said, really weird!
Everything else went well and I saw new xrays, the stuff being squirted in and what it looked like afterwards.  My own bone will grow over it and it will take about two years to fully dissolve.
I then went back to the ward in a wheel chair as I was a little light headed when I sat up.  The worst bit really was lying on my back, flat for1.5 hours.  The old hip complained a little but the various medication stopped it from actually  hurting!  There were other bits which I shall gloss over here but this was not just a small finger cut and I saw what was removed etc.  You may have guessed I am not squeamish either.  If it needs doing then lets do it.
So the picture above shows me back on the ward and  my arm still "dead" from the block so I have to hold it,  It is quite heavy and hard to hold as it wants to flop all over place.  As I said......a weird feeling.
Getting dressed was hilarious!  Hubby and I have been together for over 20 years but the circumstances made this seem odd and goodness knows what others in the ward made of the giggling behind my curtains, and who cares anyway.
After being given some medication,which I so needed once the dead arm had come to life, I was nearly strangled when a sling was put on.  I was a member of the St Johns Ambulance and I knew that I needed an elevated sling.......... this is not what I ended up with.  I lasted until I got to my in laws then took it off and with the help of You tube, hubby put it on again.  It was not perfect but at least I was not gasping for oxygen and my arm was elevated.
MIL offered to make us tea which was brilliant as it had been a very long day and even though it was only my finger/hand I was tired.  So it was another restless night last night which saw my arm come back to life with some odd spams and me reaching for the painkillers,  Gosh did it start to throb and hurt!

So I am typing this with one hand, thankfully it is a small net book, I have rung my Mum , Sophie's friend has popped over for tea, and I am now planning how to negotiate the shower later as I must not get my hand  and scar/stitches and bandaging wet.  I have been given some hospital gloves with fingers but all my fingers are bandaged into a fist..................?

It has been along time coming and seems a lot of effort for a finger, but it is my writing hand, I teach Art and Textiles and I do not want the risk of further breaks or the cyst/tumour growing and having other problems in the future.
The NHS care I had was excellent and whatever happens, this is a service that we must hold on to. It may not be perfect all the time, but we would be in a bigger mess with out it.
If you have reached this far then thank you.
So, I need another cup of tea and a couple of tablets.
 I shall be back tomorrow with pictures of some crafty work completed at the weekend.
Take care all.


Mad about Craft said...

I'm glad it went well. I have a lot to do with the NHS at the moment because of my parents and we can not fault the staff, they are fantastic!

Joanne Wilson said...

So glad it went well for you. Take care.

Ali said...

Wonderful to hear all went well and you've kept your sense of humour all the way through. The Harry Potter arm made me smile. I thought about you today and hoped everything would go well. Take care of yourself and I hope your OH and Sophie take care of you too.
Ali xx

Emma Jones said...

Glad all went well for you. I echo your comments on the NHS - they are brilliant and we would be in a sorry state without it!

Chookyblue...... said...

hope the pain is lowering now.........and everything heals well........

Toffeeapple said...

I think I would have opted for the block too, I like watching surgical procedures. Glad it all went well.

Carol said...

Glad all went well and hope your recovery is rapid.
Carol xx

WendyCarole said...

Glad to hear it all went well :) .

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