Sunday, 10 August 2014

Congratulations Sophie!!

Before I start with any holiday pictures I want to back track a couple of weeks.
My lovely Sophie left primary school on 24th July and she came home with her end of Year 6 report.

Straight across the board Sophie was given A grades for all of her subjects!
This is the third time this year that she has done this which has shown consistency and that she has found her natural ability level.  Hubby and I do not bribe but we do like to reward her in some way and it has been a couple of weeks and still she has yet to let us now what that reward might be (she is not a greedy person at all, last year it was just some crafty items until I suggested up grading her toy sewing machine to a midi one instead).

There was also another piece of paper with her report and this contained her Sat's levels.  For English, Maths and Science she had a mixture of Level 4 and level 5.  We do need to work on the spelling but her reading has improved in leaps and bounds!  This did show the time, effort and determination (plus a small fortune on books) that if applied can improve things.  Sophie picked up on this without any prompting from us.

So just before we went on holiday we set off and bought her new school uniform and PE kit.  She was so proud of it that once she got home she insisted that I take some pictures of her wearing it.

Our job is to try and maintain this enthusiasm and sense of fun over the coming years.  Issue praise, rewards, support (the odd shoulder to cry as this will happen at some point) and fun.

With my professional hat on Sophie has made a good start already and the key is having a good first half term up to October.
I shall keep you  up to date and I am hoping that perhaps Sophie might want to add to her own blog about her first year at Secondary school.  Might help with her creative writing perhaps.
At the moment all she is wanting to do is make Loom Band stuff!
Looking at her today I am wondering where my little girl starting in reception has gone but every now and then, when she still likes to play with her dolls etc I see a glimpse................


Emma Jones said...

Bless her - she did so well. My youngest was at the same stage last year and he was very anxious about going up to secondary. But on the first day he had a great time and hasn't looked back. Congratulations!

Ali said...

Well done to Sophie. All the hard work has been worth while. I hope you really enjoy secondary school. I bet Mum and Dad are really proud.
Ali xx

Toffeeapple said...

I am pleased to add y congratulations to Sophie, she has done extremely well and you can, rightly, be proud of her. I do hope that she enjoys her next school.

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