Friday, 22 August 2014

A bit of This and That and a letter.

 Well, I chickened out yesterday when Sophie suggested we take of the bandaging etc on my hand as I was advised to do that on the third day.  But this morning after a pain free night with no painkillers needed I decided to go for it!!
I was in doubt when I got to the last layer and rang up my local surgery who were no help at all so I decided to solider on with the option of going to our local non emergency out patients tomorrow when Hubby gets back if I am do anything wrong.  So I found some clean new scissors and removed the crepe bandage.  Then used the scissors to snip the white tape holding two fingers together and removed the gauze pad.  My hand is still a funny colour due to the bruising and iodine it was covered in and the actual cut is a bit...........well it looks ok so I shall leave it there (no pictures as I do not want to upset anyone).  Sophie did not know what to make of the stitches, this is a new experience for her.  The next question was what to put back on it.  I did buy some non-adherent dressing earlier in the week so I picked a small one and trimmed it a bit.
With Sophie's help we carefully wrapped this dressing and taped it round my finger.  My poor little finger is HUGE and is the same thickness as my index one.  It is a lovely colour mind you, purpley.  It is now hurting a bit due to being handled but not too much.  I think that at bedtime I might put the crepe bandage back on as I am really worried about catching it on my pillow  as I tend to put my hand under my pillow and bending it etc and opening it all up again. I am now waiting for an appointment for some one more qualified to look at it next week.  Could be awkward seeing as Hubby is off on his travels again so  hopefully it is not too far to drive if I have to.
It is bliss having most of my hand back again and I am able to type here with most of my fingers.  So on the mend.  Still no sewing or painting yet but hopefully tomorrow................?
So a little cooking from last week.
I had one more tub of blackberries to use so I decided to look at Nigella Express.  I like this book and I really do need to try more ideas from it but for now I have post-its in our favourites.
It is a bit like crumble but without the crumble topping.  Instead you use large porridge oats.  I think less sugar too and you can make the topping as thick or thin as you like.
No matter how much the juices ooze through it still stays crunchy and lasts in the fridge for a week.  Freezes well too.
Lovely with a bit of Emlea cream and so easy to make.  You could use any fruit really.  My apples are growing like mad so it will not be too long before I make one of these with my homegrown apples.  I shall also see what else I can make as I think that I am going to have a bumper crop this year.  I hope to trade for some tomatoes with my neighbour as well.
Does anyone have any apple based recipes I could try as Sophie is now old enough to do quite a bit as well.
It really is yummy and if you do not have this book then I am sure it will be on her website.  You could also make mini ones for a party, just leave a bit of space for the cream/ ice cream.
Back tomorrow.
Just had a letter through for a hospital follow up appointment and guess what?  It is scheduled for the first day of school, typical, but I have just managed to move it for after school on the same day.  Would not look good if I took Sophie out of school early on her first day!

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Ali said...

I'm glad you were brave enough to take the bandages off. It sounds like everythings progressing really well. I love that Nigella book. I have a recipe for an apple sponge cake. I will see if I can dig it out tomorrow for you. Have a lovely weekend.
Ali xx

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