Sunday, 20 July 2014

Paper Creations - Making Cards

It has been ages since I made any cards and this week I was asked at work if I had any for sale.  I did but thought I should add some new ones.  I have decided to may be make a few each week over the summer and then advertise at work in September again.

I decided to make some Thank you cards which always come in handy.These ones have a raised decoupage look to them and I do try and not make them too 3D as you can get caught out at the post office if it does not go through their magic plastic gauge and you end up being charged more.
All pink and cupcakey.
More cupcakes.  I made some cupcakes for a cake Sale this week, the first time in ages, and time was tight so I forgot to take any pictures.  Pleased to say that they all sold.
This card could be used for any reason which is always nice to do.
Finally, something a little different,  a card made using Batik which I really enjoy doing.  Bright tropical colours on a slightly smaller card and I really like this one.  I sell them at work for just enough to cover costs so it is a little hobby which pays for itself.  I have some regular customers who even have requests and with a slightly different timetable next year I might get a little more me time in the evenings to make a few more and let my brain drift off for a bit.
I also hope to blog more over the summer and really get to grips with a quilt that is half made and to make some more items towards a swap that I have signed up to.

I heard from the ATC swap host and all is well.  I will be sending the ATC's off to America this week.  The next theme is Vamp but due to me being away I shall skip that one and do the next one instead.
The link is in my side bar if you are interested in taking part.
Take care and enjoy this lovely weather we are having, been about 6 weeks of it I think.

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Ali said...

Your cupcake cards look wonderful but I love the batik card. Really pretty and very unique.
Ali xx

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