Tuesday, 15 July 2014

Le Challenge -June -SMALL

I originally knitted a little mouse for this challenge before I went away to Spain.  Got back at the weekend and do you think that I can find it?   NO!
So I have made another little felt cat.  I made one of these a couple of years ago to go on a card commission for a friend.
This pound coin shows roughly the size of the little cat.  The knitted mouse would have been even smaller but that might be part of the reason why I can not find it.
Ages ago I bought this book about making characters out of felt and I intend to have a go at several projects over the summer and have them as badges to put on cards which do not need to be sent.
There are templates and the characters to choose from are really cute.
Off to add this to the Le Challenge website.
Take care all.
My tutor group won the end of term award for earning the most merits.  It is the first time since they joined two years ago that we have won and they really did not think that they would be any higher than 5th.  The looks on theirs faces was a picture, so we are off to the cinema on Friday morning as a reward.
PPSS.  Can not upload to Le Challenge webaite to I will have to retake the pictures and try again tomorrow if you are wondering why you can not see it there.


Indianna said...

Cute, and that book looks like it has some great projects to keep you going through the summer. Hope you find the little mouse somewhere!

Joanne Wilson said...

Hope you find your little mouse, the book looks like it contains some fun projects.

Nat at Made in Home said...

What a cute small project. Seems that you have managed to upload on time, well done you! thanks for participating in le challenge.

Lucy @ Charm About You said...

I hope the cat hasn't eaten the mouse ;) It's so small! Very cute and great idea to make badges. Well done to your tutor group! Thanks for linking to le challenge :)

Mina said...

Simply adorable!

Ali said...

Oh the little cat is sooo cute. I am going to have a look for this book. Congratulations to your tutor group. What a lovely surprise. Hope you all had a great time at the cinema.
Ali xx

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