Sunday, 13 July 2014

ATC Swap- June -Zodiac

Hello everyone.
Been absent from Blogland due to taking 46 students for an educational visit to Spain last week.  More on that once I have sorted out the photographs.  For now I have some details about a swap I signed up for but am not able, at present, to send off.
The theme for the June Swap was to design and create three ATC's using Zodiac as the starting point.  I decided to also include three envelopes as well.
I really found it hard to decide what to do but because I knew that I was going to Spain with the school I had to get a move on and I did finish them about two weeks ago.  I decided to go for a muted colour scheme which I would use across all three cards.
The colour scheme was influenced partly by the picture that I used shown above and I free machined the background before attaching the image and text.  I wrote details of the swap on another piece of card and then attached this to the back by sewing around the edge through all  the layers.
On this card I used some diluted coffee and dribbled it on the background before adding some symbols of the Zodiac with further stitching around the edge.
Finally, the last card I decided to use a collage approach with coffee, paint, images and text along the theme of Zodiac.  The details on the back were again written on tonal card and then stitched to the back around the edge.
 I am really pleased with how these turned out and I still like the colour scheme as it gives a sense of age and the Zodiac goes back centuries.
All I need now is the information as to who to actually send these to.  The deadline for sending is 15th July and despite 3/4 emails over the past 2 weeks I have had no reply.  There is nothing on the swap site and I do not know what to do next as it states that anyone who does not meet the swap rules is banned and not allowed to participate again.........ever.  So I shall pop over to the site and leave a comment there in the hope that something might happen.
Anyway, they turned out well and I really want to make some more of these as they are fun and half of the challenge is the size of the cards.
Hope you have all had a good weekend.


Joanne Wilson said...

Oh no that's such a shame you have no further details. I hope you are able to sort it out.

Indigo Blue said...

I just hope that nothing sad has happened. I shall keep the cards safe until I hear something.

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