Sunday, 18 May 2014

Mini Malden Paper

A change of topic on my blog today.  My mini malden is my handbag notebook as I was finding that usual notebooks were getting bashed and tattered over time.  So I decided to invest in a more permanent solution.
I needed some more paper and I could have bought or printed some but I do have small pieces of paper which are too small for much else but I thought could have a new lease of life.
So I used a paper cutter to cut some A6 sheets of paper using both lines and plain paper.
Then taking the dashboard I marked out the holes.
I then adjusted my A5 hole punch and carried out a test piece to check that the holes were in line with those of my plastic dashboard sheet.
 This may not seem very new but I thought why use up new paper when I can recycle smaller pieces that would perhaps otherwise be thrown away.  I can also mix up the papers I use to add colour and more interest to my mini Malden.  Scrapbook paper, craft paper, even scraps of thick gift wrap paper.
Fits in a treat and I am now going through my small scrap papers to see what else I can add.  Yesterday my mini Malden with its "new" paper came into its own whilst writing down important info when I was trying to buy a new phone in Carphone Warehouse.  Now there is a saga waiting to be blogged about, or maybe not!
Have a good week,


Jill Eudaly said...

I need to carry a note book. Thanks for the idea. Phone shopping, good luck! I just got a new one, my 12 year old had to teach me how to use it. When the phone bill came it was clear I didn't understand what data package I bought. Now that I have it I don't want to give anything up!

Ali said...

Everytime you blog about your Malden filofax I am even more tempted to go out and buy one. Especially as you can make your own refills. Hope you all enjoyed the sun this weekend.
Ali xx

Indianna said...

Great idea, very green and cheeper than Trago!

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