Friday, 25 April 2014

It is all in the preparation.....

I can not believe that it is Friday already and even though it has been only a four day week it does seem to have been longer in some ways.
Well the title of this post refers to a big event that is taking place this weekend and I mean all weekend..
It is my second year A level practical exam which is 12 hours long and spread over two days.  I have been working on this  course for nearly two years and I had an exam this time last year at the end of the first year, but not as long.
I started preparing for the exam  approx a week before I injured my finger  (February) and it was looking like I might have to pull out but sheer determination and a bit of stubbornness and I have got there.  I am not allowed to show you anything but I thought that after the weekend I would show you work from last year as I do not appear to have blogged about it.  
Since getting home I have dyed some scrim using onion skins, laid out everything that I might need on the kitchen table, and I have managed to fill it!
 I now need a bag big enough to put it all in.

I have been drawing, cutting, sticking, painting, get the idea,for weeks which is why not much other crafting has been happening and many of my OPAM projects have been quite small.  I have really enjoyed this course but it will be nice to have some of my free time back.  
Having said that I am looking at doing a much shorter printing class in September without the added commitment of an exam but I wanted the qualification for future career possibilities.
I need to now start loading the car and I do still have a few things to stick in my sketchbook and then an early night is in order as I will need to get up as if it is a work day so that I get there in plenty of time to set up.
My poorly finger will be put to the test but I have packed some pain killers and I am in fact looking foreword to a blissful day of being creative with out any interruptions.
Have a good evening and I shall let you know how I got on.

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