Sunday, 20 April 2014

Happy Easter Everyone! Spring is nearly here..........

Happy Easter everyone!
As usual it has decided to start raining but for the past two days we have been giving the garden a little TLC as we have not really done much to it over the past couple of years due to personal events going on.
My herb garden has been fending for itself since last summer and seems to have better green fingers than I do and is "blooming" so to speak!  Added some Basil to the box which we use a lot of.
A very healthy borage plant which is growing very well......but not where I planted it!
The bees and butterflies like it as well.
The Bees absolutely loves this japonica and it has flowered at just the right time.
The rest of this plant is still firmly in bud with little sign of any flowers just yet and then suddenly the above flower burst open!  It is still the only one to bloom but is it gorgeous.
More colour in the flower beds.
For-get-me-nots growing everywhere.  I know that some people see these as weeds but I love their little blue flowers.
The sun on the petals.
My apples trees which grow flat along the back fence, are also starting to bloom as well so hopefully the rain will not be too hard and knock them all off.
These were purchased yesterday and will all live in a patio pot over the summer.
We are hoping to have a summer where we can enjoy the garden and make it an extension of the house and spend much more time in it.
Last year was so much better than in previous years..........can we possibly hope for a repeat or even better?  At the moment I will just settle for dry.
Hope you all have a great Easter.


saraeden said...

Happy Easter to you too and thanks for dropping by the blog xx

Twiggy said...

Happy Easter, it's lovely to get outside again isn't it ?
Twiggy x

Lynne said...

Ha! I was just about to explode with "surely you haven't over-wintered that basil!!" when I finished reading your sentence - you'd popped it in the box yourself! Phew! Though I have managed to keep one of those supermarket pots going for two months, and have chopped two plants from it now growing in water and rooting nicely. I have given up trying to grow basil from seed. Not warm enough here, sadly.

Peg - Happy In Quilting said...

Happy your flowers

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