Friday, 14 March 2014

Phew! The Big Visit is over.......................

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I have been rather busy in the latter stages of this week because we suddenly had Ofsted visit.  I am rather tired as the anticipation of an observation is as bad if not worse than actually being watched.
I was observed with my Year 10 Art Textiles group and I was graded an Outstanding in all areas.

You have no idea what this means and I am treasuring that as I work so hard at this job that it is great that someone who does not know me can see what I do and that I am doing it right.
I was also seen with my tutor group but I do not know the outcome of that as yet.

Even though there is not much warning time before they turn up there is still paperwork they expect so bed times have been in the early hours and the picture above pretty much sums me up at the moment!

I do have some news to post but for now I am sat on the sofa watching Winnie the Pooh with Sophie and trying not to fall asleep!!

I shall sleep well tonight...................
Have a good evening.

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Toffeeapple said...

Congratulations on a fine Ofsted report!

Time to rest a little now I think.

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