Sunday, 9 February 2014

Sophie's latest Project

Sophie and I have decided that during the summer holidays we are going to set up a blog for her and I shall have access to it as well.  She is now making so many much more complicated things and using the sewing machine independently.  Sophie has also asked several times about it and I think it could help with her ICT skills and general writing and literacy.
So here is her latest make............with a bit of help as this was her first zip application.
 Sophie found this lovely elephant fabric on a day trip to Lostwithiel.  It has sat in her sewing box for just over a month until last weekend.  An idea began to take shape in her mind, something to carry her art and small sketchbook around in.
So a zip was also needed and luckily I had one just the right size.
This  isin fact the second zip because the first time Sophie closed and opened her pencils case the first purple zip broke!!!! It was a new zip and I had spent time teaching her how to sew a zip in, which she did herself under supervision.  You should have seen the look on her face it was heartbreaking but she never said a word.  I started to unpick it and she said  "No Mummy I will do that and let you know when I have unpicked it"  Unpick it she did as well.  I like zips to be well stitched in so you can imagine how long it took.  So when I found another one and triple checked it was ok I stitched it in this time to make up for the disappointment.
The owl tab was an added extra we popped in at the same time which she found at Coast and Country on the way to Falmouth.
 So after a bit of drama and despair at the quality of today's zips Sophie know has a lovely case for her art materials and small sketchbook which is of her own design.
She is now working on a sock cat.  this is why her own blog might be in order!
Take care.


BumbleBri said...

I really enjoyed this post so much. I am not sure how old your daughter is, but my daughter has just recently become interested in sewing. I am great and hand sewing, but my machine scares me, and I haven't tried many projects on it. I have to be honest when I say that this post made me want to whip out my machine so that I could gain more skills. I am teaching my daughter to hand sew, as my mother taught me. I can't wait to be able to make a post like this of one of her finished projects. Thanks so much for sharing!

Tatkis said...

Lovely pouch and such a cute elephant fabric! Sophie did a great work!


Kitty said...

A blog of her own sounds a wonderful idea. My daughter had one when she was younger. She now has another which is more relevant to the teenager she is and the interests she has. Good luck with it, and please tell Sophie I think she is very talented indeed.

Ali said...

Wow Sophie I am really really impressed with you're sewing skills! Your pencil case looks wonderful, I love the fabric and the pink zip. Massive round of applause for unpicking that zip and starting again. Will you and your Mum be watching the Great British Sewing Bee next week? What a great idea to have your own blog then I can leave you a comment on your own blog. Hope you all have a lovely week.
Ali x

Toffeeapple said...

It is so good to see someone so young taking an interest in this type of thing. She has a good teacher too.

Indianna said...

Great fabric and I love how professional it looks with the addition of the owl tag :o)

Jill said...

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