Saturday, 15 February 2014

Batik and Tyvek Canvas

Last week I ran a taster session as part of the Options Choice process and in 50 minutes I set a group of 18 girls the challenge of adding batik to a canvas and painting it any colour using silk paints.  The wax sits on top of the canvas and the silk paints are lovely and bright.

To add some texture and a bit of wow factor we then painted some Tyvek which we heated and bubble to create all sorts of shapes.  They really loved this bit!
Finally we attached the tyvek where they wanted it using a glue gun.
All in 50 minutes.  Phew............just got it all done.
Very striking colour combination.
Lots of bright colours.
Blogger is sadly being awkward with the angle of some of these pictures and I started this post over a week ago try8ing to sort it out, but I hope you can see how lovely these examples are and they only had 50 minutes to create them.
They really enjoyed making these and I found out yesterday that I have a new GCSE Art Textiles group for September 2014.
So that will make three groups on the go so that is quite a lot of sketchbooks!
We have just started half term and I have work for the day job and evening class pouring out of both ears (awful thought really) but I hope to be a little more around this blog over the coming week and visiting others too.
I was hoping to run a little spring swap which would end sometime during the Easter holidays so this afternoon after I have been Truro I shall post what it could be.
Take care.


Toffeeapple said...

What a lovely project that must have been. They look very good.

Twiggy said...

They are lovely. We have half term the week after you, can,t wait. Have a great half term.

Ali said...

Wow what an amazing job the girls did in only 50 minutes. I always love these posts as it's wonderful to see the different designs everyone comes up with. Good luck with all the work and the swap plans.
Ali x

Annie @ knitsofacto said...

Looks they all had fun ... and great results in the time they had!

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