Saturday, 18 January 2014

Meet "Bobble"

After Sophie and I made our knitted  Owls before Christmas, last night I decided to finally finish the Alien that I started.
I did not have too much more to do to finish really and whilst sat on the sofa with the fire on and some pretty boring Friday night TV ( I really must organise a DVD next time) I set to work.
Starting at the top I added a pom pom on each corner that clashed nicely with the green knitted body.
I then used a large eyed needle to stitch 1 cm down from the pom pom and pulled the stitching tightly to create some small antenna.
Over the past four years of running my Monster Making Workshop I have become quite fond of making just one large eye in the centre of the face with layers on top.  As with the Owl's I used a glue gun to add them to the alien.
I had made some legs using a french knitting dolly, in fact it is an old wooden Cotton reel which my Dad had added some tacks to wind the wool around.  I have had that since I was at primary school, so it has lots of sentimental value to it.  I had considered putting some wire inside so that I could shape the legs but then wondered if it would catch and stick out so I left them as they are.
The body was stuffed generously and then the bottom line was stitched up, inserting the legs as I went along.
I shall be taking these my textiles club on Monday as we have started knitting the bodies for our knitted pets or aliens.  Some are finding knitting hard to pick up so I am going to suggest that using fleece for the body might be an idea.
Sophie was in bed when I made "Bobble" and when she saw him this morning she loved him!!
These are excellent for using up scraps and would make a good starter project for a new knitter.
Would a tutorial be of any use to anyone?  It would give me a good excuse to make another.
Hope you are having a lovely weekend.


Jill Eudaly said...

very cute! made me smile.

Ali said...

I love your monster. I bet your class really enjoy making them and coming up with different designs.
Ali x

Tatkis said...

What a cute alien monster! Love the pompoms :)
Great idea about the tutorial.


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