Sunday, 26 January 2014

A Little more Crochet and a Gift

I can not believe that it has been a week since I last posted but it has been a busy one at work.  Two very late evenings with Options and other sessions.
The picture above shows a lovely hand stitched heart which was given to me by one of my students.  This does not happen very often but when it does it is very memorable.  The student is in Year 7 and wants to continue with textiles as she goes through the school.  I shall take it back tomorrow to hang in my room.  I have another handmade gift made by another student when she was in year 7 and is now in Year 11!  Tine goes by so fast doesn't it.
Yesterday I spent my day at Truro college trying to get to grips with my final piece for my  A level coursework.  Lets just say I was busy and produced a lot for my sketchbook but came up with no final idea at all.  Panic is starting to set in but after I have done this post and looked at some homework I shall spend the rest of the day trying to get a Eureka moment and get an idea before our evening class session on Wednesday.
 I sat down when I got back from Truro and got to grips with finishing the second coaster from the free gift from Mollie Makes and after countless rounds of crochet and unpicking I finally go there!  I made the first one just before Christmas.
Blogger seems to like this photo the wrong way round!    I am pleased that they both look quite similar and I love the overall shape.
Dottycookie put me in to several blogs which looks at how to learn to follow crochet patterns and even though it will take some practise I have learnt a lot already.  So thank you very much indeed.  I shall post the links here but I do not have them written down as yet, they are saved on my computer.
Pleased with how this one turned out and I would say was a slightly better shape as well.  While I can still remember how to follow the pattern I think I will use up some soft white cotton yarn left over from making dish cloths to make a few as presents for later in the year.
Whilst on Holiday in Austria I did find a video on Youtube which showed you how to crochet some really lovely flowers which were then made into a tunic.  I may not manage a tunic just yet but I do have another idea for this.................
I was really pleased with the shape and even more because it looked like the one made on Youtube.
 I do also like making the usual crochet flowers as well with smaller versions in the centre.
I have an idea for the crochet skills that have developed but more on that once I have fathomed it out exactly.
2014 is going to be my year of cracking my crochet skills and so far it has got off to a positive start.
I hope you have all had a lovely weekend even if it has been raining and gale winds.


Ali said...

I was so excited to read that you've finally dipped your toe into crochet. Your makes are lovely, the flowers look beautiful. Good luck with the coursework I hope inspiration struck. I smiled when you said work was busy due to options. My goddaughter is in year 8 and she came home upset the other day. She told her Mum that the teacher had told them they had to decide what they wanted to do. When my friend told me this I just thought she meant her options but apparently the teacher meant a career choice. Thankfully her Mum is sensible and said don't worry I think you have better things to worry about at 12. Can't wait to see more of your crochet.
Ali x

Jill Eudaly said...

Very sweet flowers. I think you have crochet nailed!

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