Sunday, 30 June 2013

OPAM - JUNE Round up

I also made a chiffon knitted scarf.
If you have ever used some of these fancy wools over the past few years then this might interest you too.
You need just one of these to make a scarf and the instructions are on the back of the label.
The chiffon strip has a series of evenly spaced holes along one edge and it is these holes that go on the needle and are used to knit with.
4mm needles are used and only 5 stitches.
It knits up ridiculously easily and I had a scarf done in just over an hour!
Ideal for the warmer months and the various designs available in the shop I was in were lovely.  Would make an ideal gift for a knitter or knitted up ready to wear.
My first finish in June was this bright little chap, which I made whilst visiting my sister in law.  I bought the kit from Hobby Craft so that I did not need to take much.  Bought another style of kit for Sophie to make.

For next month I had a skirt cut out plus a crochet bag to finish but I am a bit stuck on the handles!
Enjoy the rest of the weekend.

Saturday, 29 June 2013

Followers...please stick with me.

Dear All,
I think everyone with a blog now knows that Google reader is shutting.  I am able to stay with all of  the blogs and websites I follow via blogger.  
Just in case it is an issue to keep following me I have signed up with bloglovin.
I have been blogging for nearly 6 years in September and I treasure all 239 followers ( and hopefully more in the future).
So if blogger stills shows the blogs you follow great if not then click on the new Bloglovin button at the top of my blog so that you can keep viewing my posts etc.
I think this posts needs a picture.................
Taken by me at the Eden Project earlier this year.
Back tomorrow hopefully with a longer crafting related post.
Any compact collectors out there?  
What did you think of the compact in my previous post?  Lovely eh?
Take care.

Thursday, 27 June 2013

Kigu Powder Compact Addition

A week or so ago hubby and Sophie went over to my in-laws while lucky me did yet more work for the day job.  When they came back they had the above with them.
A gift from my mother in law for my compact collection.
It is getting to the point where it has to be eye-catching and a bit different to be purchased and MIL  thought that this fitted the bill.  It is better in person.
The picture above is a close up of the lid and the compact is made by Kigu and I have several made by this company, but none as pretty as this.  The centre reminds me of filigree work.
The decorative centre has a hidden treasure (this is the "different" bit) it conceals a compartment for you to put a photograph.  Appears to have never been used as it still has the instruction card inside.
It is a gold tone compact and is in very good condition.  I am not sure what date it is and I will spend a bit of time to see if I can find out.
Sorry blogger has swung the picture round.....the inside shows the logo for Kigu and the clip for the compact lid is on the side. Again, very good condition.
A lovely compact and a lovely gift that was unexpected but those are the best types, don't you think?
Back on line so hopefully more blogging.  Got a bit of a backlog of posts to do.

Sunday, 23 June 2013

Recent Read - A Village Affair by Rebecca Shaw

I am certainly on a roll with my reading lately.  That could be because I have not have any Internet for nearly two weeks.  It was severed by BT trying to put in a business line for my husband;s job.  The land line is still not working but we do have some use of the Internet.  I was just about to do the Harry Potter post when it all went down.
Anyway, reading has had a chance to creep in so this is my second book in 3 weeks!!!

Quite a page turner just like the last one with different characters taking centre stage.  Crime and a death featuring in this book.  I have noticed that the theme of the books have taken a slightly darker turn but the cosiness of the books still remain.

I really enjoyed this book and I enjoy going back to "visit" the village of Turnham Malpas to see what they are all up to.
I read this again on my kindle and I have found that the lack of actual pages means that I do not notice how far through a book I am.  Although there is a % number on the screen if I really want to know.  I have really liked using my kindle and I hope to take it on holiday at the end of July.

The kindle version cost £4.99 and I have decided to try and buy more this way so as not to add to the book build up our house.  As long as the author still gets their fee I hope to be saving a few trees as well.  I still have a book pile to go through and I do like holding an actual book but I think that there is room for both in my life.
I will also be having a giveaway soon once I have sorted it out as I have passed a landmark here at Indigo Blue and I let it slip through my keyboard. so to speak so I shall get back to you on that.
Hopefully we shall be in for some better weather tomorrow....I hope so as Sophie needs me to help her find a few shells for her latest homework project.
Take care all and take a look at this book if it is in your library.

Friday, 14 June 2013

Le Challenge - June- Maritime

There has been a bit of drama surrounding me trying to get this post added but I shall save that for another day.
So here is my offering for the June Le Challenge on the theme of Maritime.
I have not had the chance to do much patchwork or quilting for some time so I thought that this would be a good chance to do some.
I have always wanted to have a go at the Mariners Compass but always been a bit put off by how complicated it looks.
I found the above in a magazine I have and decided to have a go at making a mug rug or table centre piece.  It is perhaps a bit big for a mug rug!
 I had a little bit of a struggle stitching it together and the circular edge enticed me to use language not allowed here! 
I like blue, hence my Blog name, and I got a chance to use up some small pieces of fabric left over from making a quilt a few years ago.
I did not realise how much I missed patchwork and quilting until I made this.
I wonder what the next theme will be/
Have a good weekend.

Saturday, 8 June 2013

Books - My latest read by Rebecca Shaw

The day job had been pretty hectic this week so not been able to blog at all. However, the half term break did enable me to read a book which I finished last night.
A village feud by Rebecca Shaw is much more gritty than some others in the series set in Turnham Malpas.  There is even a murder for which, as the reader, you are a witness to.

The village store comes under attack and the more unpleasant side of human nature is looked at. Not so many of the village characters appear in this book as it seems to focus and a few small groups.  Did make it little less confusing than with some of the other books.
I really enjoyed it and it has been along time since I have been able to sit and enjoy a book and read it in just over a week.
The next one is in fact on my kindle and I think is called The Village Green Affair.  Did Miss Read have a book with a similar title?  Not sure.  Anyway, hope everyone in the UK is enjoying this glorious weather and I shall ignore the fact that it might be changing on Tuesday and I shall have my boots back out again!
Take care.
PS: Sorting a post about our trip to the Harry Potter Studios over half term.

Sunday, 2 June 2013

Finally Finished! - OPAM June

You may remember last week that I had started this little kit to only find that some important bits were missing.  Well now we are home and after several loads of washing and sorting out holiday bags I managed to replace the missing components...................
Some buttons from my collection and a scrap of orange felt saw this little fellow finally finished. I was not really sure about putting the hanging loop of ribbon on.  He looked at home in this small tree in my garden.
Hi little tail could now be fully attached as well.
His little bow tie just under his chin (if he had one) completes the stylish look of my new little owl softie.  My first OPAM finish for June.
He is now sitting on my white dresser looking very much at home.

We have had a lovely day.  The sky has been a bright blue, sun all day and warm to boot.  I had some work to do and completed it outside on the decking with a cup of tea!
Have a good week everyone.

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