Sunday, 15 December 2013

Knitted Cup Cozy - OPAM

At work some of us are taking part in a Secret Santa and I wanted to try and make part of my gift.  At Sainsbury's I found a ceramic Travel Cup with a nice Nordic style design all over it.  I was wondering if it might be a bit hot to handle when tea etc is first added and I have always wanted a reason to make a mug or cup cozy.
I spent ages looking on the Internet and tried a couple of patterns which stated they were simple but the instructions were far from just that!
In the end I decided to give it a go on my own.  So I used some cream double knitting wool that I have left over from making a knitted cloche hat.  See tutorial in tabs at the top of this blog.
I made it to fit the cup that I had bought.  
I then used single crochet to add some detail on the top edge.  Then I thought the evening is young... why not  add a bit of decoration on the front, so I visited the excellent Attic 24 and used her little flower and leaf crochet tutorial.  Now here is a news flash............ fanfare please..............I crocheted my very first LEAF. 
Yes you read that right!  I actually managed to follow the instructions (as confusing as I find them) and my leaf did look like it should.  Well, more or less with a little bit of pulling and shaping with my fingers.
I then carefully attached them to the centre front of the cozy and Ta Da!  My little bit of handmade on a Travel Cup that I hope my colleague will be able to use at work.
Seeing as I was on a bit of a mini roll I found the kit that was attached to the front of issue 20 of Mollie Makes and started to have a go at the two crochet flower coasters.
Lets just say that it is a WIP............... not lying flat at all and the gaps seem huge between each section so I may need to restart it but I shall get there.
Hope you have had a good weekend and all the best for next week!


Jill Eudaly said...

That cup of tea will have an extra style flare thanks to you. Nice job on coming up with your own pattern.

Peg - Happy In Quilting said...

What a great idea.....

Tatkis said...

Great idea! Lovely cup warmer, and elegant too!


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