Tuesday, 3 December 2013

Hurray! Sophie did it Again!

Sophie has really enjoyed Year 6 so far and joining the Netball Club has been a real turning point for her.
She has been in the B team and every now and then she has played for the A team.  She does not really mind at the moment as long as she gets to play.
Last week she had a really nasty tumbled and bashed one knee and badly grazed the other....but she carried on.  That's my girl!!

This was on the Tuesday.  On Thursday at their weekly practise she was given player of the match again.  This is the second time in as many months.  She was again mentioned in the monthly newsletter and commended for carrying out despite hurting herself.  She is actually quite proud of her knees as this is really the first time she has grazed them badly.  Sophie has always been a very surefooted toddler and we have been very lucky not to have had more playground injuries over the years.
I am very proud of Sophie because she decided that she wanted to join Netball at the end of Year 5 and had not in previous years due to attending various music clubs.  She decided that perhaps she was going in the wrong direction and decided to change.  She has stuck to that idea and seen it through.  She does tend to do this even with simple, but potentially difficult situations,  such as buying school shoes.  Once a decision is made she sticks with it and sees it through and does not whinge or regret (so far).

I am sooooo lucky and I hope that when she goes to secondary school this year she will change a bit but not too much as I like this young lady who knows her own mind and can reason out her own direction.

Hubby is working away a lot at the moment so our evenings, once jobs and homework/marking are done, is  choosing a DVD and crafting until she goes to bed.  So my knitting needles did come out, but not as I expected.  Hopefully more on that tomorrow.


Lynne said...

How proud you must be, well done to Sophie for her achievement. Yes, things will change once she 'moves up' but hopefully in a good way!!

Toffeeapple said...

You should be proud of her, she seems very level headed for her age.

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