Saturday, 21 December 2013

A twist on the Christmas Jumper!

After work last Thursday we had a little Christmas Party with quizzes and making silly things.  One of the things we were asked to try and do was maybe wear a Christmas jumper!  Now I have spent years doing various fashion courses so even though this is a bit of fun it does go against the grain (or my grain anyway).
So I had a really long think about how I could take part but not waste money on something that I really do not like.
We went to Sainsbury's and has a look at the Christmas items  whilst doing the weekly shop and in amongst the sale items (yes, prices were reduced even before the big day) and I found the above jumper.  Now the keen eyed amongst you will notice that there is something a little different about this item.
It is in fact a tree decoration.
I then added a brooch back to one side and Hey Presto! a jumper brooch which turned out to be quite a conversation starter and some smiles too.  Well they never said that I had to be wearing the jumper.
It was an enjoyable way to spend a couple of hours with colleagues.
4 Sleeps to go!
Take care all.

1 comment:

Twiggy said...

Brilliant idea. I was in sainsburys today and all their gift items had 50% off already.

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