Friday, 29 November 2013

Wool Creations

I found this lovely shawl on Google images when I typed in crochet.  I love the Autumnal colours and the scattering of the flowers all over it.   Again I wish my crochet skills were up to this but I think that my lack of crochet pattern reading would really hold me back.  
Soon it will be December and for some reason I always have an urge to get out the knitting needles and make something woolly!  I have some wool and I thought that I could rustle up a nice scarf for my God-daughter in time for Christmas.  Back tomorrow with my WIP.
Bye for now.   

Friday, 22 November 2013

Flower and Lace Zipper Pouch

A couple of weeks ago I made up this pouch with some fabric that had come as a free gift with a magazine.
The ideas in the magazine were to make several quite small zipper pouches and I decided that putting of the fabric together to make a bigger one would be more usable.
 I matched up the fabric to that it followed on to the back of the pouch as well.
 As I was making it I did think that it looked a little on the plain side so I added some 100% cotton lace before I added the zip.  Again I this on to the back of the pouch. 
Love this lace.  I was very lucky to have it given to me some years ago by a lovely lady who used to own a sewing shop and was closing it down to retire.  Very thoughtful of her to give it to me.
 Whilst packing everything back into my sewing box I found this crochet flower that I had made some time ago.  There are two flowers, the top is made using crochet Coton thread which is very fine and requires my full strength spec.  The larger flower is made using 100%b cotton yarn often used to make face or dish cloths.
I made the flower detachable in case the pouch ever needs washing.  Loved making this and that particular weekend I made several things, had a great time.  Really do need to do this much more often!
I have now finished my SSS Swap entry and will be posting it in Truro tomorrow then I want to look at finishing off some other items.  There is a certain quilt upstairs that needs my attention and Yes! I have mentioned this poor quilt before.
Have a good weekend everyone!

Tuesday, 19 November 2013

Help! Snowed Under with Work!!

I am still here and the above picture found on google images is not far from the truth at the moment.  Every time I think I am about to get my head above the paperwork water line back down under I go.
I have topics to write about and posts to blog but there always seems to be something else that is more urgent.
However, I will be back by the end of the week by hook or by crook.  
I have completed my SSS swap entry but I can not Show and Tell until after my partner has opened it at Christmas but there are other goodies to show you.
Anyway, I can hear the clock ticking and I can not sneak off any long.
So take care with and wrap up now that the temperatures seem to be dropping and I shall be back (hopefully) later in the week.
PS  Many thanks for all of the lovely comments about my Le Challenge post.  I have another patchwork decoration cut and ready to stitch.

Friday, 15 November 2013

Le Challenge- Stripes

This is my entry this month and it is in fact a kit from a magazine to make a patchwork tree decoration and there was quite bit of fabric so I can make two.

 I decided to add some gold metallic thread machine embroidery stitches which you can see in the photograph. 
I then thought that more sparkle was needed to I dug out my sequins and added a couple of rows.
I think that this is the first time that I have ever made tree decoration in November.  I have made a couple more but I need to dd some sparkle to those as well.
Hope you like it.
Have a good weekend.

Sunday, 3 November 2013

Sewing Room - Lavender Sachets

When I asked my Textiles Club if they had any ideas as to what they might like to make I was a bit surprised when they agreed that lavender bags would a good.
So over half term I have been coming up with some templates and ideas as well as finally sorting out the lavender stored in my garage ( Yes I actually had some that we coud use) , so that it is ready as our next project once the final Ticker tape canvases have been completed.
I also wanted to add another skill and media to the project and here is where the simple use of fabric pens and sewing machines comes in.  My pens are actually running out but I found that this added to the hand drawn effect that I was after any way.  Just a simple lavender stem with a few straight forward leaves.
The number of stems and leaves can vary and I do have the start of a template for the students to follow rather than trace off.  Then the drawings will be fixed by using a hot iron.
I have come up with two simple ideas but I think that the one on the right with the green ribbon is the one we shall use as the bigger sachet is a bit tricky to fill and stitch up the gap.  Also I like the look of the coloured ribbon.
So I have fabric, ribbon, lavender and pens.  So hopefully some will be started tomorrow.  I shall also get some pictures of the finished Ticker tape canvases to put here for you to see.  
Does anyone else have any ideas for lavender?  I am trying to avoid soap making or anything expensive as this little club is run for free and we recycle or re-use where possible.
The kitchen smelled lovely by the time I had finished!!
I think I might move on to making some Christmas sachets if I can any seasonal pot pourri, do they still make that stuff?
Have a good week.
I shall be back this week as I have been stitching away this weekend and have several posts lined up.
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