Sunday, 27 October 2013

Ticker Tape Canvas - My Creation

It was a little while ago that I first saw these on Goggle Images and several Blogs have created their own.
I thought that it might make a good project for the Textiles Group which re-started this year after a 12 month break.
However, I do like to give it a go myself first to see if there could be any problems and roughly how long it could take.
 Many other blogs have used Modge Podge but it is very expensive and I would need quite a bit for 15 students.  So I did a test piece which I left over night using PVA and it was great.  The fabric did not run, it dried evenly and clear and I have plenty of it at school!
I already have a canvas and I had asked the students in advance to bring one in if they had one, we use them a lot in school and we have several budget stores near us that sell them.  Or we would use thick mount board.  My trial piece was on a bit of cardboard and it looked quite good.
I then cut up the shapes randomly and I did lay them out a little to start with to see how I would go about it.  I decided that starting in the bottom left hand corner suited me best.
As I worked on it I kept swinging the board around to prevent me from leaning on the wet glue.  I put glue on the board, then placed the piece of fabric down and then applied plenty of glue over the top to stick it down and to seal it.  These are literally scraps left over from other projects but I had also started a 2inch by 2inch quilt but soon got bored of cutting the silly little squares so I used some of these for the canvas as well.
It soon built up and I am really pleased with how it turned out.  The picture was taken in the evening hence the slight shadow which I think may be my head!
Straight after doing this I made another one but this time I used a thinner piece of canvas board which I have had for so long that I can not even remember why I bought it.  I now have it hanging up at school and I do not seem to have  taken a photo of it.
Prior to making mine I do have to say that my Crafty daughter got there first and made her version during the summer holidays.  Here it is.......................
This proved that my students would be able to do this and Sophie had great fun.  She has since made another which she has given away as a present.
Once my students have completed them, (they are still drying off) then I shall post their Ticker Tape canvas work here.  If you have lots of scraps then give this a try.  Google it to see other ideas for this fun and easy project.
Have a good weekend


Lynne said...

Great idea, Jane, and I'm with you on the PVA front - love it! It works for so many things.

Toffeeapple said...

That looks like a fun project, I guess your students enjoyed doing it?

Wendy said...

I have been making these as well. I started making these about five years ago as collages and it morphed into quilts. They make great gifts and your students will probably want to make them again.

Annie said...

This is fantastic...thanks for the pav tip, as it was the midge podge that was holding me back from trying this.

Ali said...

Such a simple idea but really effective. Both canvases look wonderful. Well done Sophie.
Ali x

Tatkis said...

What a great idea! Beautiful projects!


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