Friday, 4 October 2013

Spectacular Knitting!!

Where has the week gone?
I intended on posting much earlier than this but it seems to have been a continual race from once task or venue to another.  In fact I feel a bit like a hamster in one of those wheels but without the comfort of the cute furry coat and twitchy nose!
 When we visited the exhibition at Exeter last weekend there was also a fantastic exhibition of knitting.  It was all put together to make a gigantic book.
The first photograph shows a section of one of the pages.  Everything that you see has been hand knitted!  
Some sections had been made using felt or handmade felt.
I really liked this little bird and you can also see the detail of the knitted leaves.
This is a different page from the big book and a slightly different colour scheme due to the change in season.
The above picture shows the hinge where two pages meet.  The pages show a knitted garden with a vegetable patch and flowers.
The field's with knitted sheep were lovely and there is so much detail.  Whoever put this giant book together certainly had a task on their hands but I also suspect there was a lot of fun as well!
This little chap is my favourite.  Reminded me of the 1970's Macrame owls.  I have a vintage book on it somewhere.
On a different theme - knitted seagulls and the open sea.
I can not remember how this fitted into the giant book but seeing as I live in Cornwall I thought a picture of this was a must.
As we moved on I suddenly had the feeling of something behind me........but I was not expecting a giant knitted dragon.  This was linked to a Myths and Legends theme.
I always love the crafted challenge exhibition that they have and one day I might actually be able to find out in time to see if I can take part.
I did buy a few items on my visit.  I managed to avoid buying any fabric until the very last minute then I succumbed as I was near the exit.  Oh well.
As the evenings draw in I like to have something to do in front of the television and my eyes can not always deal with hand sewing.  A bit of nip in the air this past week or so prompted me to buy some  lovely wool.  I am half way through one of the projects and I shall post it as soon as I finish.
My evening class is now under way but I feel that I have rather lost my motivation with it.  Too much going on at work to really sit and concentrate on other things.
So I am going to sign off and try and get some marking done (yes it is Friday night but there you go..) so that I can have Saturday and Sunday with Sophie and my sketchbook.  There is some washing, vacuuming and dusting that needs doing too but hopefully some free time as well.
Oh help!!!!


Fenland Textile Studio said...

Hope that you have a lovely weekend. I don't miss all the marking and paperwork that comes with full time teaching.

Fenland Textile Studio said...

I hope that you have a lovely weekend. I have never missed all the marking and paperwork from teaching full time.

Twiggy said...

Where has this term gone? 3 weeks and it's half term for us blimey !!
I love the photos, I think the sheep are very cute!!
Have a lovely weekend
Twiggy x

Toffeeapple said...

Thanks for lwtting us see the exhibition, such a lot of care went into it, it looks marvellous. Enjoy your knitting.

Tatkis said...

Wow, so interesting and unusual!
Thanks for sharing.


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