Wednesday, 16 October 2013

Our Inner Child.

I like being a Mum for many reasons.
The hugs and kisses, the smiles and "I love you Mum".
Being able to pass on skills and knowledge and trying to answer the endless questions.
Another reason is being to go into a Toy shop guilt free and be able to buy something without getting funny looks.  (Well, not many funny looks, maybe just one or two perhaps!).  Being able to re-live your childhood by introducing your child to books and games you loved as a kid.  Sophie can not get enough of Enid Blyton's Naughtiest Little Girl Series.  
To go into Toy R Us and see how some toys are coming back round again but this time you might be able to afford to buy it yourself without permission or it having to be your birthday!
Another for Hubby and I,  is to go and see films at the cinema that we might not normally go and see.
So this afternoon we went and saw....................
.....Monsters University.  As a family we like the  Monsters Inc Film and when this came out in July we were going to see it but the unusually lovely summer made us forget all about it.  Until last Sunday.
It was good clean fun with very funny scenes, in fact there were some which I have seen in real life and gave you that "Oh yes, I have been there".
  The time went really quickly and made us all laugh which is what it is all about.  So if you have a rainy weekend and your cinema is showing this film it might be a good way to spend it.
During the trailers they advertised this film..........
I like the Fast and The Furious films with Paul Walker and this seems to be a snail version.  The clips they showed were really funny so this may be our next spontaneous cinema visit in the weeks to come.
So just picture it..........a common garden snail who is zapped by something which gives him the power to move at lightening speed!  With some not so gifted side kicks.  

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