Thursday, 17 October 2013

GO! Sophie G0!

At the end of Year 5 Sophie started to talk a lot about wanting to join Netball Club with the chance to play for the school.
So at the beginning of this school year Sophie asked again and even though it is on the same day as Brownies which means lighting dinners and a whirl wind day she has been playing Netball.
After just one practise session ( I perhaps need to say that quite a few of the other girls have been playing netball for a couple of years while Sophie was learning Samba band.)Sophie found herself in a Home match at her primary school and they won.  She is in the B team.
A week later and an Away match was cancelled due to such heavy rain that it would have been more like Water Polo!
However, the next Away match with the B team ended in Sophie being presented with the above trophy!
 Sophie was awarded Player of the Match and the write up in the School newsletter was great...."Sophie worked her socks off running around to support her team....!
That's my girl!
The trophy has seen better days and is glued together so Hubby suddenly disappeared  into the garage and came back with another one and offered to donate to the school.  It has been duly accepted and the plaque and badge is being changed over.
 The look on Sophie's face when she showed it to me was worth all of the rushing around every Tuesday and was definitely a Slushy Mummy Moment!
It sat with Pride of place on the mantel piece for several days and has now gone back to school.
I just about manged to get to her school this afternoon to see part of her practise session and it is a sport that Sophie has said that she would like to carry on into big school next year.
As an added bonus, my Year 10 GCSE Art Textiles group told me today that my lessons are the best ever!!!
So a good week all round.


Toffeeapple said...

A very good week it would seem. Congratulations to Sophie, what an achievement.

Peg - Happy In Quilting said...

Well done to Sophie...

Ali said...

Well done Sophie. They'd better watch out for you on the netball court. I bet Mum and Dad we're really proud.
Ali x

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