Thursday, 29 August 2013

Rebecca Shaw - The Village Newcomers

This is another of my uploaded books on to my kindle and I read this on my holiday (which I still need to post about).  Again this book is a bit grittier than previous books and I have noticed a different tone to these books recently.  A real page turner which costs less on the kindle if you have one or the app for the ipad.
It follows the villagers and of course some newcomers who arrive with a secret that very very gradually unfolds.
I like these series of books and may not be on a higher level, but for me I need books that are entertaining and make me want to turn the page without needing a PHD to fathom out what is going on.
I have already uploaded the next book but I am keeping that for a bit as I am now reading a paperback given to me by my SIL.
I love the summer.........reading is a great pastime I just wish I could devote more time to it.  If you find it in your library it is worth booking it out.
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