Wednesday, 24 July 2013

The Big Knit - Little Hats

After years of only just finding out in time about the The Big Knit with Innocent drinks, this year I am actually in plenty of time!
Click here for more details and the all important sheet of ideas and instructions.  There is a wacky sheep pattern this year which I shall have to figure out but the finished picture did make me smile.
Now , I have taken part in this on several occasions but finding the pictures could be a bit tricky.............
I made the above hats back in 2009! Where has the time gone.  I did send off another bigger batch last year but did not take any pictures.  Tut tut...such a bad blogger!

This could be just the little project that I could take on holiday at the end of this week.  Small needles and some scrap wool.  I could make the pom poms when I get home again.
If you  have some time, scrap wool and would like to knit for Charity then do pop over HERE and see what you need to do.  The deadline is the 1st October.
I think tomorrow i shall be packing and selecting a few bits of wool, could be very relaxing a bit of knitting in the sun.
After our lovely cruise at Christmas Hubby and I have managed to sign up for another now that Hubby's job has now been made permanent.
I shall take plenty of pictures to go in a book I am making.
Oh........I do not think I have shown you the journal I made at Christmas...have I ?  I really must start to write down some of these blog post ideas.
Have fun, the garden is having a much needed bit of rain this evening and hopefully the water butt is not quite so empty.
PS Bunting PDF template is in the pipeline.


Tracy said...

I'm trying again andrea to see if this works thanks for all your help re leaving comments x

Indigo Blue said...

Oh just knitted up another cute little hat!
Anyone else having a go?

Ali said...

I think you might have tempted me into knitting some hats. Infact a couple of years ago I bought a smoothie with a hat. I wonder if it was one of yours. Have a lovely holiday.
Ali x

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