Sunday, 21 July 2013

Summer Bunting - OPAM July

Last week we held a Summer Fete at school so I decided that during tutor time in the mornings my group could help to make some nice bright bunting that we could use again.
I went to the scrap store and found quite a bit of red ripstop Nylon and then added some scraps that we had left over from making some windsocks.
For over a week each morning for 20 mins we drew round a template and cut out loads of triangles.  Ripstop Nylon is not the easiest of fabrics to cut but they kept going with just a few grumbles here and there.  I offered to do the cutting if they marked out the shapes but they said no they would do the cutting!
We then worked out a colour order and due to them still at the early learning stage of using a sewing machine I stitched the triangles on to white cotton tape using Zigzag stitch.  We ended up with way more then we expected and on the day it looked brilliant.  It is now stored away until next time and to add to our bunting I thought next time we could make some flags with the tutor group name on it.
I will draw out the template and ask hubby to make it into a printable PDF.  It is not very big so you should get quite a few triangles out of any fabric you wish to use.  You could just use cotton fabric and pining shears so that it can be one layer of fabric thick.  If they are going outside then double thickness might withstand windy days better.
I hope that the weather here in the UK holds a bit longer as I bought some oil cloth last summer to make some bunting for the garden but it rained the whole summer so I never bothered to go any.
Enjoy the rest of the weekend.


Lynne said...

Hmm, been a bit of a mixed few days, weather-wise, again, hasn't it? Let's hope we haven't seen the last of that wonderful sun.

Great idea for the bunting BTW!

Ali said...

I love the colours of this bunting. You must have the patience of a saint to deal with all that cutting out.
Ali x

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