Friday, 19 July 2013

Harry Potter Studios - Part Two

I seem to have gotten a little behind with my posts of late but seeing as I have broken up for the summer holidays today hopefully I will be able to post a bit more regularly for a few weeks.

We shall start by going through some of the bigger props and set pieces from some of the films.
Sophie is stood in front of the Hogwarts gates and it was rather difficult to get this in the picture.  The blue light is where the camera has picked up the light and distorted it slighlty.
 This is the roof section of the great hall which is used in some of the scenes and is in fact much smaller than you think to get the feeling of height.
Hogwarts sign.

Due to it being half term we were lucky enough to see some of the animal actors including the cat, rat and owl in the films.  Due to rats not having a very long life the rat shown was in fact rat number three.
This cage stored many of the massive props which looked so life like and many were enormous!
This was one of my favourite bits, Snapes potion classroom.
It was not as big as it looked in the films.  The cauldron with the green glow had a wand which was actually moving as it stirred the potion.  Sophie liked that bit.
Some science labs in schools have stools that look just like those shown in this picture!
So much attention to detail.
Plus all of the ingredients needed to make all of those potions and spells.
Then off to Dumbledore's office and try8ing to get your bearings in terms of size and what you have seen in the films is hard.  It suggests in the film that it goes back much further than it actually does but it is extremely high!.....................
Sorry but I have just been told that my BBQ tea is ready to I shall have to sign off and finish this later.

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Ali said...

Oh thanks so much for this post. I am going to have to show my daughter. Even my son fancies going to have a look now. I bet Sophie had a wonderful time.
Ali x

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