Saturday, 4 May 2013

Days Out in....Plymouth Aquarium

We planned a couple of weeks ago that if it was raining on the Saturday Bank Holiday that we would go to the Plymouth Aquarium.  So it was duly raining when we (slowly) got up and drove the 45 mins to Plymouth.  As we got closer and closer the weather dramatically changed and by the time we got there it looked like this..............
Something resembling Summer!  (I think we may have side stepped Spring this year!)  A glorious day which was very warm with sunshine and blue skies.
The last time we came to the Aquarium Sophie was still in her pushchair and just about staggering around.  I remember that she still loved to look and point at what she could see.
This time we brought a growing young lady who is nearly as tall as me but still enjoyed pointing out certain things she could see.

I have taken some pictures without the flash and through glass and plastic screens but if you have never visited before it may give you an idea of something to go and see if you come to the West Country.
Our first stop saw some pretty large stingrays and various flat fish.  I am sorry but naming every picture may be a bit tricky but I shall see what I can remember.
This chap was quite brightly coloured and zoomed around the tank.
O love star fish even though if you are a fellow sea creature you might fell differently!  Quite pleased
They varied in size and each had its own spot.  Sophie did notice that one had lost most of its legs.
This tank had a coloured light but is one of my favourite anemones and was moving very gracefully as the water moved.  Took several pictures through a convexed glass screen, came out ok.
I would love to do a project on the sea for my second year A level project, but getting first hand pictures could be a real problem.  Got a bit closer with this picture.  Such graceful anemones with lovely colours.
Last one, I promise!!!
We then moved on to the next section of the Aquarium.
A massive room high tank with many different types of fish.  The conga eel was there but being nocturnal was in fact having a snooze but to Sophie's disappointment as she can not remember seeing the one at Sea life in Birmingham several years ago.
I tried to take more pictures here but the fish seemed rather camera shy and were swimming much too fast.  
We moved on again and I have found my second favourite - Moon Jellys.  They are so graceful and they would make a lovely source for embroidery with sheer fabrics and hand stitching.  The Aquarium had put some coloured lights in the tanks again and they moved very carefully.  Fascinating.

This was clear light but seems to have turned out rather blue(?)  Once I have published this post I am going to google them and see what I can find out about them.  Everything that we saw today comes from around the coastlines of the Southwest and shows that there is so much more below the surface than we realise.
We moved on through a glass tunnel and this chap who was at least 80 cm wide swam over head and then stopped.  He was massive.  The little children could not believe their eyes.
Any Nemo fans out there?  He was swimming right in front of me but would turn just as I clicked the button but just took a picture.  Lovely little fish,  great colour.
Lots of examples of corals and sea weed.
I found the coral lovely in this tank and would work well with stump work or applique.
Lots of texture and lines on them.
This chap did not seem too impressed having us all starring at him!  He was very very still for a very long time!
Meanwhile this fish loved gliding around the tank having everyone look in awe at him.  So many fins and glided around the tank,it was fantastic. This is a Lion fish  and a lot bigger than I would have expected.
Just as we were about to leave a large sea turtle called Snorkels came out from her sleep and swam around. She is blind in one eye and only has 20% vision in the other.  As she was swimming there were a few close calls with the sides of the tank but other than that she swam really quite fast and the crowd behind me watching was packed.
A great first day of the bank holiday and great weather to boot.
As we came out the sun was still shining so a toasted Pannini with cranberry and Bree was ordered and a sit in the sun.
If you want to visit the Aquarium in Plymouth it is cheaper and easier to book and pay for tickets on line and it will give you directions on how to get there.

What did you get up to today?


Mrs Jones said...

We used to take our children to the aquarium at Plymouth. It is a lovely aquarium. I love the little silver fish embedded in the pavement on the walk to it.

Indigo Blue said...

It was a lovely day out and Sophie is still talking about it this morning!

Tatkis said...

I love visiting Aquariums and Underwater worlds - always so fascinating to see all these creations!


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