Monday, 6 May 2013

Knitted Mouse - OPAM May 2013

When I started knitting this I honestly thought it was going to be much bigger!!
I am not sure of this really qualifies for an OPAM finish or not but I was hopeing to make them at school with the younger students.  The size of the ear should have had alarm bells ringing.
So I followed the instructions thinking it would take me a bit to make him........However, even my  limited knitting skills soon had him knitted, stitched and stuffed (only a bit mind you!) to create this.....
He was made in 3 sections, body ,ear and tail.  Anyway, this must win the teeney finish prize if nothing else.   Bigger needles and chunkier wool may make a bigger version.
 Off to find something else to make that lasts longer than boiling the the kettle!
Have Fun!
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