Wednesday, 10 April 2013

The great British Sewing Bee Episode 2

Well, episode 2 this week proved to be quite interesting.  I have never really enjoyed making trousers even when I had to ( I remember nearly losing the will to vcarry on at one stage during my degree!!)  and I could feel total sympathy for the contestants last evening trying to put in the zip and understanding the waistband details.  I also felt it was very fair seeing as the male contestants had to deal with female garments last week.

  The direction of the zip is a tricky one and Lauren got caught out despite using her own trousers to check the direction and still made a mistake.  I wonder where she bought her own trousers from?  It did get us all checking but my Hubby spotted the two facing the wrong way immediately.  Give that chap a round of applause.  

The next challenge of altering a high street skirt was interesting and fun, and I am planning a similar project for my Year 9 Art textile group which will involve a plain white T-shirt.
I loved the red tulip idea but I did notice that no one said that the direction of the pocket opening actually made them difficult if not impossible to actually use but idea wise it was great and we all voted it the best in our living room.  I love rickrack braid too.  I also loved Stuarts blouse too....he had a brilliant week really.....and was very difficult not just due to the design and details but the fact that the fabric being so plain would also highlight any mistakes or inaccuracies that the patterned fabrics may have been harder to spot initially.  Lovely shape and when it was judged that the hemline was perfect we all agreed that he deserved the positive comments.
Now, the teacher side of me is going to come out....I was a bit annoyed that it was said that it is not enough to be the most improved to stay in the competition....tut tut..I think it most definitely is as it proves that they have been able to raise their own skills bar and rise to the challenges set.  Well, that is what they say on the Bake Off right?  So I think that Stuart was very good this week despite not knowing which way round to put his trouser zip!

I have really tried to find the link for the cushion challenge shown on the show this week.  If they want people to have a go I wish they would either slow down or put the tutorial on the Sewing Bee web page.  If I track it down I will then update this post.
I have dug out my four skirts as promised last week, but the weather has changed again......but I shall feature them and show you which patterns I used if you would like to have a go yourself.
I had a lot of hits after yesterdays show so please if you read this add a comment....what do you think of the programme?  Would you like to see more to counter balance the cooking and card making shows (QVC).
What made you watch it in the first place.  You do not have to have a blog to leave a comment.
Take care all
Off to do yet more on my Textiles exam piece.
I have continued to search for a link to a cushion tutorial featured on the show and I have found out that that book which goes with the series has the cushion instructions in it.  So perhaps unlikely to find it on the internet otherwise it will not help the book sales.


ANNE said...

I feel that time limits aren't as cricial as with cooking....the time limits made me uncomfortable, I work speedily but am aware that others take more time,... I changed chanels both weeks, hoping back during adverts. ..with dressmaking , the type of fabric, and garment cut affects the timing i THINK THIS PROGRAMME MIGHT PUT BEGINNERS OFF

sweetypie said...

we have talked of nothing else, I am stunned that they have people on the programe that have never put in a zip, it is compulsiveviewing and there should be short tutorials on inserting zips, easing sleeves ect definately making me want to dressmake....hmmmm

Indigo Blue said...

Hi Sweetypie,
I too was rather surprised and it makes you wonder what the caliber of the other applicants was. My students learn the basics and putting in a basic zip, might not be a concealed one, is taught.

Having looked at other Forums it is clear that a longer series and programme time to enable techniques such as how to insert a zip could actually be shown to the viewers properly on small samples buy the experts while the contestants carry on working. Hopefully this might be considered as I would like to think that the prodcuders would look at the comments of viewers.
Many thanks for commenting.

My Brave True Hero said...

The name of the show catches my attention and as I watched it in YouTube. The show was really amazing and I really learned a lot.

Ali said...

Another great programme but like you I thought it was very unfair not to consider the improvement people had made. Trousers would have frightened me and the time limits would put pressure on even the best dressmaker. Your classes sound great fun. Take care.
Ali x

Carol said...

Thoroughly enjoying the series. Disappointed Tilly went, making her own pattern was a big plus. I know she didn't have time to finish, perhaps a bit too adventurous but I think we will hear more of her (if only via her blog!).
I think Ann is a winner, loved her blouse, her buttons and loops deserved mention.
I was bemused by neither of the men making a proper 'fly', couldn't they have taken a look at their own trousers!?
Great to see sewing on TV and, reading on Ravelry etc, it seems to be enthusing many people.
Carol xx

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