Saturday, 6 April 2013

Knitted toy for Toffy

Ages ago I made a little knitted toy for Toffy and the other night he was playing with it and it was clear that he had grown quite a bit and needed a bigger version.
So I picked out some scraps of wool, not big enough to do anything with, and cast on about 25 stitches and knitted two squares.  The red square has got two tones of red as the first ran out.
I then pinned the two squares right sides together.  Using a wool needle and the strands of wool left when casting on and off, I over sewed the two squares together leaving the fourth side open.
Turned the little bag round the right way.  Trimming of the excess wool.
Added stuffing but also a good handful of catnip which I sprinkled in and around the stuffing.  Toffy goes wild for catnip!
I then twist the bag so that the seams are lined up and pinned the opening closed.  This gives a triangular/pyramid shape which is the same as Toffy's current toy and makes it easier for him to pick up.
Taking another length of wool and the wool needle again, over sew the opening shut securely and knot off carefully.
The best bit........Toffy has played with it loads and the bigger version makes it easier for him to play with.  He was only about a year old when I made the first version.
One happy little cat!
Give it a go, very easy, uses up some scraps and your cat enjoys playing with it.


Jill Eudaly said...

Our cat Mr. Tree looks a lot like your cat. Our cat steals Eva's Moster High doll's clothes and shoes. He bats them around the bathroom floor where they sail and slide fast!
I guess he needs his own toys.

Indigo Blue said...

This toy has gone down really well with Toffy. Sophie has been busy making something else for him this week as well.

Carol said...

Toffy looks very sweet, not unlike a very young version of our Rosie. I'll ask her if she would like ine of those toys too.
Carol xx

Tatkis said...

Great idea, and perfect toy!


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