Friday, 12 April 2013

Jamaica Inn - Recent Read on the Kindle

I do have a couple of book tabs at the top of this blog, one for Kindle and one for paper/hard backs.
I read Jamaica Inn about 12 odd years ago and I remember being completely drawn into the story.  I live about 10 miles from Bodmin Moor and I am familiar with some of the surrounding countryside,

I had borrowed it from a Friend so this time I purchased it for my Kindle instead.  I will confess to spending one or two much later than normal nights reading this book and I was quite pleased that I could not remember the ending at all, but did have some thoughts that the Vicar was not all he seemed.  So I felt like I was reading it for the first time again.

If you have never tried this book then I would certainly give it a try, especially if you live near a library.  It is often said that Rebbecca was Daphne Du Maurier's best novel but I have always had trouble settling into that book and I prefer this novel by a long way.

During my reading session 12 years ago (had much more time then!  sigh)  I also read Frenchman's Creek which I do also remember being a gripping page turner so that will be next.  However I do have a paperback up stairs that I was also given at Christmas which needs to be read first.
What do yo have in your reading pile (or mountain in my case)?
Any recommendations for the forthcoming summer holidays.  Yes, I do start to crave for that needed break but we are still waiting for spring here in the UK.  I do have to say that today it is lovely in Cornwall and Sophie and I have been out in the garden and have just popped in for a tea break.  Hopefully the start of better weather?  We shall have to see but I am not packing my thermals away just yet...........

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Carol said...

I remember reading this as a teenager. It was my Mum's book. I would read every book in the house. I still have some of them but had to buy a new copy of this, although I gave yet to re-read it. Rebecca is one of my favourites.
Have you read any Anita Shreve? I've read most of hers and enjoyed them, "Sea Glass" being my favourite. I too have a mountain to read, I find it hard to resist a book. "Cassandra's Sister" by Veronica Bennett is next on the pile.
Have a lovely weekend.
Carol xx

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