Tuesday, 2 April 2013

All done and dusted....now the wait.......

Today was an early start for all of us and we arrived at the hospital for my hip injection at 8am.  The night before did not lend much sleep and hubby was not feeling very well either.  So he had only had a few hours sleep as well.  It was a glorious sunny day and blue skies as our clocks have just changed back to British Summer Time so a lighter sunnier start to the day.
I was not sure what to expect and that was probably just as well.  I had numerous forms to fill in, temperature taken, weight noted down (not too bad)   The most surprising outcome was my perfect blood pressure!?  I am a teacher who has been in pain for months and months with work coming out of her ears and poor sleep pattern and my blood pressure is good!  Years of perfecting the skill of keeping calm I suppose.
I will not lie that despite the local anaesthetic (I will spell check that) when the cortisone was put in it was very uncomfortable indeed and felt like a bolt was being tightened to extreme in my hip, a very odd feeling. Now, nearly 9 hours later I am beginning to feel very uncomfortable and the anaesthetic is has now worn off.
Due to sterilising solution I have a bright pink upper leg which I have resisted  showering off so that I do not disturb the dressing which stays on until tomorrow morning.  I also have a black marker pen arrow on my left thigh, (just to make sure that the right leg was looked at and could take a bit of getting off).

It may well take several days and up to 14 days before I see any real change in pain levels.  I have been up and down the stairs, walked around, worked on my sketchbook standing up etc and all is ok.
I have to fill in a pain diary until my out patients appointment in 6 weeks time and then see what happens then.  When I walked into the theatre my right hip clicked all the way up the corridor and in through the door!  May be I shall be back again in the near future to have the other one done.

Just as we got back in through the front door after the 60min plus drive back, we had our neighbour's daughter round for the afternoon which gave me a chance to potter around while hubby went to do some work.  I feel (and have) been up for hours and I think an early night will be upon me soon.  I did enjoy a quite afternoon and after I felt that I had done enough wandering around I enjoyed a peaceful hour reading Jamaica Inn.....I think it was so quiet that I nodded off for a few minutes.
Many thanks for all of the supportive comments I have received since Christmas concerning my dodgy hip and even though the consultant said it is "not a good hip" as it is, hopefully today will enable me to delay a replacement which is a much bigger deal and go about my daily life more upright and in much less pain. 
Take care all....off to read another chapter.


dottycookie said...

Keeping everything crossed that this treatment works an you have some relief from the pain now.

Lynne said...

Will be waiting to hear that you are at last feeling some benefit. Chin up! (Hip out!) Lxx

Wendy said...

keeping you lifted up in prayer. So glad it went well with you.

Jill Eudaly said...

Better days a head. get some rest!

Tatkis said...

Well it had to be done and it's over!
Good luck and take care!


Toffeeapple said...

I do hope that keeping a pain diary will let you see a definite decrease in it. Good luck and well done for being brave!

Lynn said...

Andrea, sorry to hear about your hip problems. Think positive thoughts and know that you are in my heart and my prayers. Love you, feel better!

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