Sunday, 17 March 2013

Filofax - Old friends

Many thanks for those of you who gave suggestions on the last post.  I have made a couple of choices and just waiting for them to turn up.
Years and years ago I bought a cheap old filofax when I went to sixth form and used it in the same way as  I had used my school homework diary.  It has long since been in filofax heaven and thought no more about it.
Then about 8 years ago I became Deputy Head of Year (had to give this up when I went part-time for a year to look after Sophie boo hoo) I decided to go back to using one as I thought it might help to keep up with the additional tasks this would generate.
This is a brown Collins Personal with a zip.  I have had it for  years and it is still in very good condition.
 The zip is not damaged in any way and it is very well made.  It is surprising just how much you can squeeze into this.
Two inner slip pockets and a zip pocket kept everything in place.  Especially all of the little post-its I was given with messages that I needed to follow up.
Loads of plastic card pockets and dividers with tabs etc.
Right at the back is a slot for a pad and a loop for a pen, which does have to quite slim to fit.
I use this occasionally as it is not big enough for work anymore but too big to put in my handbag.
Then about two years ago I bought this one from Paperchase.
Definitely bright, cheap and cheerful.  It really is as bright as it looks and I use it for my blogging, Etsy, web shop, Art course and a whole lot more.  I had thought about covering it but I changed my mind.  
On the inside there are some little card pockets and a larger slip pocket which is stuffed with all sorts of cards and post-its.
I really like the plastic pockets with the  slide fastener.  Had them for ages and not broken them yet!
When I bought this in Cambridge it was cheaper partly because it was over half way through the year so I took all of that out and because the dates were not the aim I added my own dividers and colour pages.
I really liked this blue textured card.  I simply drew around an existing divider and cut it out with scissors.  I bought a 6 holed punch from Ebay and punched my own card and paper.
The back cover has a slide in corner pocket (not sure what to call it?) This is very useful and here I keep a little mini card clipboard that I made from an old hard backed note book.
For a personal filofax it is very roomy and that magnetic popper is good at holding it all together.
This filofax is used all of the time and I keep everything in here.  However, it never leaves the house and is really used as a little bright filing cabinet.  Too big for my handbag and too small for work etc.
Well worth every ( small amount of....) money.

There are many things in everyday life that need organising and I have seen many examples on Youtube this week.  For me, just being able to find a few bits of information quickly is really all I need.  I am not sure if I am going to keep the brown one, I might sell it on Philofaxy and give it a new home.
How do you organise?
Have a good week.  It is supposed to be getting much colder here.  Best get the thermals out.


dottycookie said...

I have lots of files and boxes, and a smart phone. And I am *always* forgetting things, sigh.

Indigo Blue said...

I got really excited when I got home today to see 12 comments waiting to be approved. You can imagine my disappointment when 1 was from Dotty Cookie (thank you very much) and the rest were a load of old rubbish from Annonymous who seems to have really increased the junk being sent to me. Need tog o and look at my settings again.

Wendy said...

I use a Franklin Covey like your brown one only mine is red!:) I have had it for years and I absolutely love it. Like yours mine looks new. I don't know what I would do without mine.

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