Monday, 4 February 2013

Woven Felt Heart Tutorial

A little tutorial for a simple woven felt heart in time for Valentines Day.  I have seen these around blogland so I cannot claim to have come up with this idea.  This is just my take on it.
I have not yet got the template sorted out but I will, however, I thought you might like to see the instructions.
Using the above shape cut 2 out in red felt.  Making sure that the slits are the same length.
 They should look like this.
You then need to interlock the two shapes together by weaving the sections under and over each other.  A few pins here and there might help to keep it all in place and not slipping around.
You now need to stitch the weaving together  to give it strength and stop it from coming apart.  At this stage you can start to decorate you heart as much as you like.  I used white embroidery thread and running stitch through the layers.
I then added some pink heart buttons, but you could use any buttons that you like or perhaps beads or sequins.
In-between the button squares I added some double white cross stitch embroidery, again in white thread.
I laid the finished heart onto some spotty felt fabric and cut out the back of the heart and pinned them together.  This time I decided to use matching red thread to go around the outside.  
At the top I added a loop of red and white spotty ribbon and stitched this in as I went around the heart shape.  I left a small gap and added stuffing to the heart until it was quite firm and had a good shape.
This is the spotty back.
Hung up on my kitchen which is also red and white.
A little make for Valentine's Day which is ideal for creating in the evenings.
Took about 1.5 hours to make.
Hope you enjoy making this and let me know in the comments if a template would be useful or not and I shall add it to this post.


Gill said...

What a fun project!
A template would be perfect!!!

Tatkis said...

Such a lovely felt heart! Thank you very much for the tutorial!


Ali said...

What a lovely valentine heart and a great tutorial. I'm off to a craft show tomorrow so I just might come home with some red felt to have a go at making my own.
Ali x

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