Wednesday, 27 February 2013

My Sketchbook Peek

13th February was a big day (or evening) as it was the deadline for AS Level Art Textiles coursework for my evening class.
I will not get it back until October so I did manage to take a few pictures before handing it in.
The above picture is a sample that I produced as part of looking at the work of other artists. 
I worked in an A3 hard-backed sketchbook and it went on for page after page after page........
So I am only showing a very small snippet.
This page shows hand made collagraphs for make prints.
Here I printed onto calico and then added wrapped cords to the surface and the sample on the right has been reversed appliqued to give texture and depth.
We had fun melting and weaving plastics.
I even managed in incorporate some simple bits of crochet with a different sample of plastics.  A part of this idea did get as far as being used in my final piece for assessment.
Using an A3 sketchbook meant that I needed make quite a lot of samples and use a fair bit of annotating to fill the pages.  I had been working on this project since the end of October!
The idea was to try out ideas using a range of media and techniques to explore those ideas and develop further.  It is quite normal not to really know where you are going!  This is a little out of my comfort zone as my training and background I need to know what I am designing and making as a client or need is stated in advance.
But I stuck with it.........
I really enjoy annotating the samples and this is where you get quite a few of your marks.
This is all leading up to my designs which run along the theme of Entwined from a list of themes that we were given by our course tutor.
I have a follow up post with more info and where this project took me as it then blend into my main coursework project which is being marked as we speak.
Have a good weekend.
We are off to The Eden Project for lunch and we are taking Sophie and one of her friends.
Take Care


sweetypie said...

cor blimey missus!!!!
well done you give yourself a pat on the back....

dottycookie said...

Good for you sticking with it! I hope your final mark reflects the hard work you put in.

Ali said...

Well done on completing it. You've certainly put a lot of work into it and I hope it pays off. I don't know where you find the time.
Ali x

Tatkis said...



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