Friday, 22 February 2013

Knitted Cowl Tutorial - OPAM February 2013

If you have been following this blog  a while you will know that I like a bit of knitting but I am not that great.  I am easily lost in amongst any pattern and often need bailing out.  In my youth I had a snood, (remember those?) and I loved it so I decided that I would have go at making one. 
This is my version for the one above.  I will confess that since taking this picture I have changed the way that I have stitched to two ends together, but here goes:
Materials for My Cowl
Pair of UK size 10mm needles  (US 15)
1 Bag of Patons BIG 200g   (There is likely to be a bit left over)
Wool hand sewing needle
Tape measure
Finished width: Approx 23cm (9.5 inches)
Finished Length before stitching ends together:  Approx 102cm (40 inches)

Instructions to make my Knitted cowl.
1). Using 10mm needles cast on 24 stitches
2).Row 1: *yo, K2tog*  
You will need to make sure that you begin each row with yo, otherwise the pattern will not work and you will end up with an odd number of stitches.
I simply repeated this very short pattern until the desired length which in this case was 102cm (40 inches).
I then cast off the stitches in the usual way.
In the picture above I simply stitched to ends together.  However since then I have unpicked it and instead put a single twist in the cowl ( as used in a Mobius scarf) and then stitched up the ends using ladder stitch. 
Ladder stitch
I then wove the ends of the wool into the stitched seam.
You do not have to add the twist at all, it is up to you.
Left Over Wool
With the left over wool I visited Youtube and made up a simple 5 petal crochet flower using a tutorial by The Crochet Geek.  
I then attached a safety pin to the back as a brooch back was too small.  This will enable me to put the crochet flower where ever I want it to go.
I am now going to make another but a bit shorter and in a lighter colour.

It has been ages since I put any of my knitting ideas on my blog and I hope it works, I had to keep it easy for me to do let alone anyone else.
Anyway, have a go and I am now off to make a few more crochet flowers.


Ali said...

Ha ha your snood comment made me think of Nik Kershaw. There's a blast from my past! I really like your cowl. The colour and pattern are lovely and I like the fact the flower is removable. Hope your well.
Ali x

dottycookie said...

That looks lovely and warm, and it goes really well with the coat too!

Lynn said...

This is lovely! You did a great job! I love the color too!

Maricarmen said...

I'm not good weaving ... But you've done a beautiful job ... I use the same system for joining the two ends of the fabric ...

Wendy said...

Your cowl is beautiful! I too cannot knit well. Just the average and uncomplicated wash cloth and basic scarf. I will be trying this pattern though as it looks like I might be able to accomplish it. thank you for sharing.

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