Friday, 11 January 2013

Kindle Reads - First Book Finished!!

Where has this week gone?
Last Sunday morning I was lucky enough to spend a hour or so reading in bed with a cup of tea.....bliss.  Sophie was in her room reading and Hubby was in the office working on his design commission.
So, for the first time is goodness how long I have managed to complete a book during  a school holiday.  It was a very pleasant and easy read, covering the lives of three women, their careers, family and the trials of life generally.  May not have you on the edge of your seat as such but a lovely "cosy" book for the dark (and wet) Christmas evenings.
I then discovered that this is in fact the second book of two and some of the character history may have made more sense if I had read the first one.  When I looked at the write up on Amazon it made no reference to there being two books.  Oh well never mind I suppose.
The next one on my kindle is..........
A new author for me and more of a thriller than country village style.  I am now on chapter two and it is going well.  Has anyone else read this?
I am going to update my Books Read tab at the top of the blog so that all of the books are together and I am setting up a "Kindle Reads" tab so that yo can use the search button.
I love my kindle and it has worked so well.  
At school we are going to have an Extreme Reading event to promote reading in a positive way.
My contribution will be revealed tomorrow and I thought that you might like to join in.  More on that tomorrow as it is late again and already one of my resolutions has been dashed.

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Ali said...

What bliss just to stay in bed and read. I'm interested to know what you think of Safe House as it's one I considered reading. At the moment I'm still reading on paper as I received a free book from 'the reading room'. It's an online site where you can keep a record of books you read. I thought you might be interested in it as they quite often offer free books to members. They just ask that you review them. Can't wait to hear about your extreme reading event. Have a lovely weekend.
Ali x

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