Thursday, 3 January 2013

Kindle Joy!

When my hubby asked me what I would like for my Birthday and Christmas (both are within 48 hours!) I quickly said "A kindle please, love" and he said ok!  I have been thinking about an e-reader for a couple of years now and asked those I know that use one what they think etc and they all had positive things to say.
I went for a cover that looks a bit like an i-Pad, not very inspiring but it is strong.  Might change this as time goes on.  Anyway, I asked around as to which one would be good to get and I was very surprised when Hubby said what about the Kindle HD!  Nearly fainted but then he said that the i-pad that I use belongs to work and I may have to hand it in at any time and this does work just as well as an i-pad.  It links to the Internet, I have uploaded a few books.
I did invest in a pen which makes playing Mahong much easier to do.  I do wish I could add my own wall paper but it seems that Amazon have prevented this but I did pay an extra £10 not to be bombarded with adverts every time I switched it on.

At the moment I am reading this book which is by an author I have not looked at before and I wanted something with a Christmas theme and to download it before I went away.  It only cost a few pounds and I have been really enjoying it.  Easy to read.
I also uploaded this book by an author which I have read for years.  Luckily it was not the same as the book that my Mum sent me for Christmas phew!  I have not started this one yet.
I have also added a few games and I love Mahong, really gets you thinking and dreadfully addictive, very easy to play and I can leave it mid-game and come back to it any time.
Sorry this pic is a bit dark but it is a dreadful day here in Cornwall!  It is really easy to use, not very heavy at all despite some of the reviews on Amazon.  Ideal for reading in bed and fits in the smallest bag that I happen to own.  My kindle is capable of doing much more but this is as far as I have got with it before I went away.
I have added a handy app which lets me know what the power level is which I found via a review left on Amazon Kindle which has proven to be very useful.  I was astonished at how many e-readers of different types were being used by all ages on the cruise ship we went on last week.
It is brilliant and I love it.  Hopefully less books around the house although I will always like the physical holding of a book plus art and textiles books need to be actual books, but the Kindle is useful in other ways and there will always be room for both in my house.
So...does anyone reading here have an e-reader?  What do you think to them and can you recommend any Apps or kindle books as my friend kindly sent me a kindle voucher which is burning a hole in my Amazon account.  I had thought of a Zentagle book to take away on my next trip?
Any ideas then please leave a comment as I am sure others would love to learn more.
I did wonder about a camera or music app?
Anyway, Sophie has a friend over for the day and I have been able to do some work for the day job and I best get back to it as we will need to take the decorations down once her friend goes home.  Pity but Christmas is now over for another year.
Take care all.


Mrs Jones said...

I received a kindle for my birthday just before Christmas (not an HD though). I love it and downloaded loads of books as soon as I got it!

Toffeeapple said...

Happy Birthday and New Year!

What a lovely gift to receive. I have the second Kindle that came out so, not so advanced as yours although I do use it a lot. I can't say that my book buying has decreased, I just prefer to have a book in my hand and I just can't seem to buy current things for the Kindle, mostly I get things like Mark Twain's work, Dickens, Elizabeth Taylor (novelist not actress) and George Eliot. I hope you have a great deal of enjoyment from yours.

Julie said...

I have been thinking long and hard about having a Kindle but cannot decide which to have as I already have an iPad. I think I will probably succumb eventually and may buy the Paperwhite as I think the iPad will continue as my portable/holiday internet source. I will always buy books too, especially art and textile books as I love to turn the pages and hold a book in my hands.

Belated Happy Birthday to you.

dottycookie said...

A belated very Happy Birthday!

I have been thinking about a kindle as we really don't have room in the house for any more bookshelves and I am sure there are books I'd read only once that would take up far less space on a kindle. I do love books though, the weight and feel of them, so it's a quandary!

Tatkis said...

Congrats on your new e-reader and Happy Belated Birthday!
I love paper books, but it seems that soon I'll ask for the e-book too, because it's such an economy of space on bookshelves!


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