Monday, 21 January 2013

Jamaica Inn - Sunday Outdoors.

I started sneezing really badly on Friday and having been working with a trainee with a stinking cold for the past two weeks it was obvious that I was going to catch it.  Friday evening I felt awful and I will confess to not getting up Saturday until lunch time.  So today we decided to go out for a few hours and begin Sophie's latest homework on Rivers.
She was not sure where to start so we suggested that we find the beginning of the Fowey river and take some pictures over a period of a few miles.
We reached the edge of Bolventor and turned off on to Bodmin moor and the temperature was zero!  We got out and for someone with a cold and a dodgey hip we actually walked along one of the roughest tracks I have ever seen.  We reached a ford and the water was flowing really fast and we could go no longer.
Sophie took some pictures to start of her travel along the Fowey river.

It was not long before I could not feel my face or indeed my fingers, legs or ears!  We walk or in my case staggered back to my car and got back in.  We found that the temperature was now -1 degrees!

We decided to go back on to the small road and follow the river as far as we could and Sophie would take pictures along the way.

We drove on for several miles and seeing as it was lunch time we decided to stop and carry on another day.
Earlier in the week we thought that Sunday lunch out would be nice.  We have not done this for years!
We were so close to Jamaica Inn we thought we would pop in and have lunch there.
I read Jamaica Inn by Daphne De Maurier a long time ago and loved it, could not put it down.  So the chance to visit the Inn could not be passed up.  The sun had come out by this time and it was turning into a lovely day.
There is a hotel attached should you like to stay and find out if it really is haunted or not.
A couple of my students some years ago stay over night and did not actually see anything but they left a necklace on a dressing table and found it on top of a chest of drawers the following morning.  Haunted?  Even they were not completely sure.
There is a gift shop on sight which seemed to have an unusual collection of items some having nothing to do with Cornwall at all.
 Sorry this picture has its own ideas.
But I bought a couple of postcards and I shall send one to my Mum.
We then hoped back in the car and drove home where I promptly fell asleep for three hours!
This cold has been quick and fierce with little strength left for anything, but I hope a good nights sleep will sort me out.


Anne said...

Glad you got warm again after your day out and I hope you will start feeling a lot better soon. Jamaica Inn sounds intriguing - looks like a great place to visit. Keep snuggled up and warm - I'd send you some sunshine from here if I could. :0)

Tatkis said...

What an adventure!
But it wasn't a great idea to do it with cold!


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