Tuesday, 1 January 2013

Happy New Year!! 2013

Hi All,
Got lots to tell over the coming few days but first of all I want to wish everyone who visits here a Happy New Year.
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2012 was a great year with the Jubilee and the Olympics (What are we going to do this year?) but as with every year there has also been heartache and worry for many.  For my family 2012 was better than 2011 and this Christmas was the second without my Dad but this time instead of having the mixed feeling of missing him and not wanting to bother with a celebration out of guilt and distress, it was replaced with remembering, more cheer and a different feeling.  The past year has flown by and there have been some changes in the Indigo household, some made and some forced upon us but nothing we could not meet head on.  A marriage for two family members and the knowledge of serious illness lingering in the background, children growing up, job uncertainty, not having enough time to spread around everyone which leads to guilt and worry and trying to balance work and life and not really succeeding, and so the list goes on.  However, we get on with it don't we?  Somehow we do and even though we do not have any control (most of the time) as to what the outcomes will be, we still keep going.
I would like to thank everyone who has visited in 2012 and I know that recently the posts have become less frequent since I started this Art textiles evening class but also to those of you who have left comments and enables me to visit you and for the lovely supportive comments about my hip problem, they have been very much appreciated and I am sorry if I have not replied to all comments but I am going through those now.  (The last few weeks at work meant some very late nights working and not much fun, blogging or sewing.)  I have an appointment tomorrow at 9am at the hospital so fingers crossed.
So this year the house Indigo will be hoping for a safe and happy 2013 and we wish you all a
Safe and Happy New Year as well.
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Did you see the fireworks in London?  They were brilliant and I think that whoever organised it must have had their fingers crossed for no rain as we seem to have had our fair share of over the last few months.
New Year Resolutions? Well.... may be a few.  What do you think to these?
*Get back into my Sunday afternoon baking sessions with Sophie. My new baking book will come in useful.
*To aim to get to bed the same day I get up!  (EG, not 1am).
*To help with the above, to stop working in the evenings at 9pm and not to feel guilty about it.
*To insist on actually achieving the work/life balance that everyone says we should have but I have yet to see.
*To sort out the jungle of a garden that seems to have gone wild over the past few months and keep it tidy!
*To gain a good grade with my Art Textiles Course.
*To continue to help Sophie with her school work and spend as much time with my growing young lady as I can.  She has made such good progress with her reading and spelling this past four months.
*For Hubby and I to go out more as a couple and not just when it is a wedding anniversary etc.  Be more spontaneous now that Sophie is growing up.
*To set some time (somewhere) to sew and knit etc as it has been on the back burner for months and December's OPAM has been a big fat ZERO!  Blush with embarrassment.
*To find more swaps to take part in.....so if you plan to run one then please let me know as I would be very interested, especially ATC's.
*To be able to read more books in 2013.
I could write even more and notice that references to dieting etc is not here as I got into my black dress which is over 2 years old and  size 10!  So  I think that my eating habits should be left alone.
I seem to have rambled a bit and I should go and see what else is happening in blogland,  but I shall be back as I have posts to make on the Chooky Blue swap, our Christmas trip away, my Art Textiles sketchbook and much more, a surpise postal delivery etc.
Oh I have just thought of another.....
*To blog more often..... as it is fun.
So again, have a great day and Happy 2013!!


Julie said...

The fireworks were fantastic weren't they? I hope you have a great New Year.

Lynne said...

Wishing you a very happy, healthy new year, and yes, all success in your art textile course, which I follow with great interest. Hope the hip condition is manageable and not too distressing for you. Personally the diet thing is an ongoing thorn in my side but too boring to go on about.

Looking forward to your posts!

Tatkis said...

Happy New Year to you and all you family!
May it be healthy, merry, lucky and festive!
And I like your resolutions :)


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