Tuesday, 29 January 2013

Felt Softie - Russian Doll -OPAM January

I have managed to sneak in an OPAM make for January and had fun making this cute Russian Doll felt softie.
I found this small kit when I took Sophie to Hobbycraft in Truro last weekend.  I bought a small bird version for a student at work who volunteered to help out at Options Evening last week.  As a Textiles Art student I thought a making gift would be a good idea.
There were 25 pieces in this kit and the only bit that I did not like were the blue Hamar beads so I changed them to some blue seed beads that I had.
She went together very well and was the ideal activity to do whilst watching "Call the Midwife" on BBC 1.  The kit overall was good value for £2.99.  She is meant to hang up but I could not think where to put her.  Would using her as a pincushion be alright do you think?
I have another felty item cut out but I think that will have to wait until February.
Take care


Toffeeapple said...

Please remind me of what OPAM means? I am certain that I knew, once upon a time, but have now forgotten.

Kate North said...

My first thought was pincushion - as long as you avoid the face (except perhaps on very bad days!) it should be ok...

Lynne said...

Do you know, you'll think I'm barmy, but I can't bear to use anything with eyes for a pin-cushion! Isn't that daft? I have a fabric mouse pin-cushion which I apologise to if I stick anything into it!

But she is a pretty little thing...hang her up somewhere and smile at her!

Tatkis said...

She is soooo cute!
You can make a pillow for her to sit on - and use this pillow as a pincushion :)


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