Friday, 21 December 2012

Do you believe.....?

Last Sunday Sophie asked if she could go to Lanhydrock (National Trust House) and see Father Christmas.  Having just turned 10 we were not sure if she still believed or had the bubble burst by another child at school so we were surprised and to be honest a little pleased.
The Christmas Tree is always gorgeous and this year was no exception.  They manage to achieve a certain colour and light quality to it.
Sophie was fine until it was her turn and seemed to hesitate and go all shy, so still my little girl despite her growing up so fast and seeming to take everything in her stride.  She said afterwards that she could not remember the books that she would like but said she wanted to do more reading.  Last year they had a fabulous Father Christmas, he looked just like the vintage cards, his own beard and was excellent, I could not get over how authentic he looked.  So it was a shame that he was not there this year, had clearly lost several pounds and Sophie said she could see the stitching on his false beard.  Opps!  So I think that I shall go back to my original thought.....this may be the last year that she truely believes but maybe just a teeny tiny bit of her will.
This past week has been crazy trying to finish things off before the holidays.  One piece of news, I have my referal appointment as the New Year starts so I did not have to wait quite as long as I thought I would have to.  I shall let you know how I get on there and at least it has avoided Christmas.
The appointment has also avoided clashing with our Christmas Cruise with Oceana and we leave tomorrow after school has finished.  We have been frantically wrapping, packing, washing, ironing, looking for things, re-charging everything in sight and trying not to forget that Toffy needs to go to the cattery, where he will be treated to hie own heated cat mat!!
I will see if I can post while I am away but if not I shall bore you all with a ton of photos when I get back. 
Have a super Christmas everyone and many thanks to those of you who have sent a pressie or swap.  I shall open them on my return so please do not worry if I do not email back to you straight away.
Take care everyone and
Merry Christmas!

Friday, 14 December 2012

It's starting to look a lot like Christmas......

We are going away for Christmas, but caved in and got our tree and decorated it this week. We hope to have friends round when we get back so it seemed odd to find one.  We buy ours from a local farm who I presume has a Christmas tree field.  I am sure it is not quite like that but Sophie loves the ideas of a field filled with Christmas trees?
We have been getting all Christmasy at work too and my tutor group had great fun making these during a tutor session.
We used white card templates which most students then painted either red or green.
From then on it was like some kind of glitter fest............tinsel, glitter, star stickers.........
Pompoms, more glitter, felt tip pen, drawings,  even more glitter
Silver and gold paint, tissue paper.......
and finally...yes, you guessed it..........yet more glitter.
In less than an hour my classroom looked like a million fairies had flown through.  Even the cleaner had to laugh at the end of the day!  They look really impressive hanging along the windows.  Will have to think what we could do next year.
Many thanks for all of your kind words concerning my hip situation.  No more to say on that until after my referral appointment in the New Year. 

Saturday, 8 December 2012

Hip Results...... is not some new trendy way of working out your blog stats but my xray results.
It is nothing life threatening but I have been told that there is a "significant" change in both hip joints.  The left being more severe.  Eventually I will need one, maybe two hip replacements but due to being too young for that I have been referred to a specialist to see how I will be "kept going" until such time as a replacement will be done.
I was just relieved that it was nothing more serious....the Big C for example and I am happier now I know that I am not imagining it or it is down to poorly chosen shoes!!
So I have a degenerative problem and due to my age (I am only 42) and medical history it is likely to have been caused when I was born and not detected  (did they look for this type of thing in 1969?) or due to an injury (I was thrown out of the car during an accident before seat belts were installed in the back of cars) but I do not remember there being an issue then and nor does my Mum.
Any way I have another stock of painkillers to see me through to the New Year and I am not going to worry that some days they are not enough and sometime in 2013 I will move on to the next stage.
I have been assured that it can be looked into and treatment carried out and I am not going to let it ruin our Christmas trip.  Rest will need to feature so that I can walk round Bruge, Copenhagen, Gothenberg and Amsterdam.  I have been looking forward to it for 16+months and mentally I have had my bags packed for months!!!
I have my appraisal on Monday then after that I can sail towards Christmas.
Enjoy the rest of your weekend and I shall be back after I have finished my paperwork.  Hubby and Sophie are putting up the tree and I shall pop in and out when I need a thinking break.
Back soon

Sunday, 2 December 2012

Posting pictures problem and a Christmas decoration moment.

Well I was going to post about my Chooky Blue swap but I am unable to upload any pictures.  I am being told that I have reached my maximum on Picasa unless I pay a monthly fee despite having deleted lots of unwanted pictures.  Also the pictures that I want to use are not even on Picasa, they are on my computer in My Pictures, which I deliberately save separately from Picasa.
Any suggestions?
Otherwise I am going to have to pay up.  Most of the pictures that i have can not be found in my Picasa area anyway unless they are hidden due to being full up, a bit like Flickr where only the most recent 200 pictures can be seen unless you have an upgrade.  The above picture is one of a few that I  have found in my Picasa online album but more recent pictures are missing(?).  This was the decoration that I made for a swap last Christmas.
Oh well,,,pass me my bank card someone...................
Have a good week and many thanks for the kind words about my Xray, I shall ring up at the end of the is coming week to see what the result is.

Saturday, 1 December 2012

X-rayed and waiting......

On Wednesday I went to the local hospital to have both hips x-rayed.
(picture from google images)
On Wednesday I went to the local hospital to have of my hips x-rayed and hopefully in a weeks time I will have the results.
So now it is a case of waiting.  The painkilllers have been great but I can not stay on them forever.  However, today, it was quite painful.  It could just be the end of a tiring week.
Many thanks for all of your best wishes concerning my hip and it is surprising how wide spread this sort of problem is.  Your concern has been great.
Off Christmas shopping after my daughter's ballet lesson and I have no idea what do look for.
I am also looking to spend a bit of time on my blog too as I have been very absent recently and I have really missed reading all of your posts.
Not quite sure what has happened to my spare time at the moment, the day job seems to have taken over.   I am lucky to have a job but too much work is not healthy either. 
My swap parcel for the Chooky Blue Christmas swap arrived last week and is sitting on a shelf ready for Christmas, very tempting but I have not touched it since taking the brown envelope off!!  I was asked to open the card and decorations which I will post tomorrow seeing as it is the first of December.  I have just seen the is be off to my bed then.
Bye and take care all.
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