Saturday, 6 October 2012

Refurbishing a Living Room

Well, it took a systems restore to sort out whatever the problem was and I am about a week behind with my posts so here goes.
Last weekend we spent the day re-doing the livingroom floor and here I have some pictures of where we are so far.  We are waiting to take a trip to IKEA but need to borrow my inlaws bigger car so we are looking at maybe going nest weekend.
So above shows part of the room with the kitchen door behind me.
This one I am standing in the corner by the window as shown in the pic above.  This is the arm chair I mainy sit in.
 I am still standing by the window but viewing the opposite side of the room.  On the sofa you can see the log cabin floor cushion that I helped Sophie to make a couple of years ago.  She now uses it alot now that we have our new floor.
Here I am standing by the sofa.  Not a huge room but we now feel that it is brighter, bigger looking and now easier to clean.  This is our main through route to get to the back of the house and after two carpets we have now decided to a different flooring to see how we get on.  We did go and look at some curtain fabric today but we are not too sure just yet.  I shall keep you posted as we hope to get this room finished asap.
Back tomorrow...I want to get some more posts in before my laptop plays up again!!
I do have some updates about my evening class.


Lynne said...

Love that floor! We live in a cottage with very low ceilings/beams, and to get a wooden floor would mean digging up the concrete floor to gain the height. So we have to have wood-effect flooring. I must admit it is expensive, very realistic looking but not the same as real wood. Sigh.

So exciting to be refurbishing a room/house, isn't it? Hope you are really pleased with the results.

Ali said...

Your floor looks wonderful. I find it so much easier to keep clean, especially with having a dog. Your log cabin pillow is really pretty. Good luck with your curtain hunt.
Ali x

Jill Eudaly said...

Nice floor! Glad you are back to blogging!

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