Monday, 1 October 2012

OPAM - September

Not been such a good month for OPAM.  been so busy back at work and of course signing up for my evening class as well.
So................. only..
A  quilted pink heart and....
...two knitted cotton dish cloths................
Pitiful isn't it?  Would it be good to know that I am half way through a patchwork make up bag and trying to crochet handles for a bag that I started in January?  Plus I have started my Chookyblue Christmas swap entry as well?  
Started is not the same as actually finished I know,but I do wish my days would not fly by so quickly so that I can fit in all I have to do with what I would like to do!
Anyone else feel the same?

1 comment:

Pomona said...

The time is flying away here too - I feel that present-making time is creeping up on me!

Pomona x

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