Friday, 7 September 2012

Zentangle a Mug...

Yes, you did read the title to this post correctly.
Above is a Zentangle that I drew and painted some months ago and I have always been quite keen on it.  During the summer holidays I got to thinking what else I could do with these zentangles other  than just putting them in a sketchbook........then I had a thought.  Maybe not a very new one but one that I was quite excited about.  
I had a plain white mug hanging around for a while.  It was part of a mug painting kit but the paints were so runny and awful that I cleaned the paint off the mug and threw out the paint.
I tried a black sharpie pen on a plastic wallet and once dried I tried to wipe it off with a cloth and it did not budge.  Next I tried adding some pen on the base of an old white cup and it stayed put .  I did not try putting it in the dishwasher but I bet the pen would indeed come off so I will use this mug and then hand wash it carefully.  So if you wish to try this then you might want to experiment further with its resistance to washing off,  but I wanted to get on with designing the mug.
I gradually worked the design from the handle round the front to the other side using the black sharpie pen.
I was lucky to find a colour pack of Sharpies on sale, which prompted me to try this, so I began to carefully add some colour.  I did need to wait for the black pen to fully dry before adding the colour as it was prone to smudging.
I highlighted some areas by going over the lines several times to give some thickness to them and a 3D look.
I am surprisingly pleased with my "Tangled" Mug, I really did not know if it was going to be any good at all.  I have not actually used it yet and if the possible washing off factor is an issue then you could always tangle an object that does not need washing all that often such as a pen pot.

Now what could I try next...............?
Bye for now.


Lynn said...

I love it! I saw something very similar on Pinterest and I pinned it. I thought my DIL and I might try it. Nice work!

Lynne said...

Totally fab! Bet it was awkward drawing on the curved surface. Hope it stands the test of time and doesn't wash off!

Tatkis said...

Great idea, and brilliant result!


Lynne said...

When I clicked on your blog it was all compressed til I clicked on 'home' when it righted itself. I do hope things return to normal for you - I would have NO IDEA what to do if that happened to me. Fingers crossed.....

Julie said...

I did china painting for several years in the late 80's early 90's but this is a much more straight forward option and you don't have to worry about firing in a kiln. Lots of fun!

Sudha Balaji said...

Hi! I joined Technorati recently and was browsing art blogs when I came across this post. I was impressed with zentangles.

Rangoli is an ancient Indian art drawn by us (Indian women) every day at the entrance of the house. Looks like there are similarities between zentangles and rangoli

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