Saturday, 8 September 2012

Help....Blog problems!

After posting about my Zentangle mug yesterday I switched off my  laptop.
Today I switched it back on and nothing is working.  My blog layout has gone to the way it was eight months ago .  I have about 1 inch to view and type in, all of  the tabs to help create a post are miss from the top line.
I can not access google at all and I have been trying to sort it out all day.  I have done just about evcerything I can think of and I have some work that needs doing for Monday which needs google.
I am doing this post to see what happens when I try to make it go live.
I may not be around for a while and I can a trip to PC world taking place tomorrow.


clare's craftroom said...

Your blog always looks great to me , I hope you can get your work done and it all gets sorted x

Josie said...

it could be a problem at google's end, because a blog friend of mine had a problem where his blog settings had gone to 'invite only', he contacted google and it got sorted after a few days

Josie x

Miss Muggins said...

I had a similar problem with blogger. To fix it I went to the windows toolbar and selected internet options. Then I deleted my browsing history. then everything was good again! It's worth a try!

Tatkis said...

One of my friends had such a problem when google switched her interface to the new version.
What browser do you use? I don't have any problems with Chrome - and see your blog clearly.


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